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June 29, 2023

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The 'Breath' Between Atoms -- A New Building Block for Quantum Technology

Researchers have discovered they can detect atomic 'breathing,' or the mechanical vibration between two layers of atoms, by observing the type of light those atoms emitted when stimulated by a laser. The sound of this atomic 'breath' could help researchers encode and transmit quantum ...

Medical 'Microrobots' Could One Day Treat Bladder Disease, Other Human Illnesses

Engineers have designed a new class of 'microrobots' several times smaller than the width of a human hair that may be able to treat human illnesses like interstitial cystitis -- a painful bladder disease that affects millions of ...

Nanowire Networks Learn and Remember Like a Human Brain

Scientists have demonstrated nanowire networks can exhibit both short- and long-term memory like the human ...

New Atomic-Scale Understanding of Catalysis Could Unlock Massive Energy Savings

In an advance they consider a breakthrough in computational chemistry research, chemical engineers have developed a model of how catalytic reactions work at the atomic scale. This understanding could allow engineers and chemists to develop more ...

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Researchers Make a Quantum Computing Leap With a Magnetic Twist

Scientists and engineers have announced a significant advancement in developing fault-tolerant qubits for quantum computing. In a pair of articles, they report that, in experiments with flakes of ...

How Secure Are Voice Authentication Systems Really?

Computer scientists have discovered a method of attack that can successfully bypass voice authentication security systems with up to a 99% success rate after only six ...

What Math Can Teach Us About Standing Up to Bullies

New research from Dartmouth takes a fresh look at game theory to show that being uncooperative can help people on the weaker side of a power dynamic achieve a more equal outcome -- and even inflict ...

'Toggle Switch' Can Help Quantum Computers Cut Through the Noise

What good is a powerful computer if you can't read its output? Or readily reprogram it to do different jobs? People who design quantum computers face these challenges, and a new device may make ...

Generative AI Models Are Encoding Biases and Negative Stereotypes in Their Users

In the space of a few months generative AI models, such as ChatGPT, Google's Bard and Midjourney, have been adopted by more and more people in a variety of professional and personal ways. But ...

钙钛矿太阳能电池电力有限公司创造新纪录nversion Efficiency

Perovskite solar cells have attained now attained the extremely high efficiency rate of 24.35% with an active area of 1 cm2. This ground-breaking achievement in maximizing power generation from ...

Breakthrough Innovation Could Solve Temperature Issues for Source-Gated Transistors and Lead to Low-Cost, Flexible Displays

Low-cost, flexible displays that use very little energy could be a step closer, thanks to an innovation that solves a problem that has plagued source-gated transistors ...

Physicists Discover a New Switch for Superconductivity

A study sheds surprising light on how certain superconductors undergo a 'nematic transition' -- unlocking new, superconducting behavior. The results could help identify unconventional ...

New Microcomb Device Advances Photonic Technology

Researchers have outlined a new high-speed tunable microcomb that could help propel advances in wireless communication, imaging, atomic clocks, and ...

Now, Every Biologist Can Use Machine Learning

Scientists have built a new, comprehensive AutoML platform designed for biologists with little to no ML experience. New automated machine learning platform enables easy, all-in-one analysis, design, ...

An App Can Transform Smartphones Into Thermometers That Accurately Detect Fevers

A team has created an app called FeverPhone, which transforms smartphones into thermometers without adding new ...


AI That Uses Sketches to Detect Objects Within an Image Could Boost Tumor Detection, and Search for Rare Bird Species

Teaching machine learning tools to detect specific objects in a specific image and discount others is a 'game-changer' that could lead to advancements in cancer detection, according to ...

Open-Source Software to Speed Up Quantum Research

Quantum technology is expected to fundamentally change many key areas of society. Researchers are convinced that there are many more useful quantum properties and applications to explore than those ...

AI Reveals Hidden Traits About Our Planet's Flora to Help Save Species

Machine learning can help extract important information from the huge numbers of plant specimens stored in herbaria, say ...

Bridging Traditional Economics and Econophysics

How do asset markets work? Which stocks behave similarly? Economists, physicists, and mathematicians work intensively to draw a picture but need to learn what is happening outside their discipline. A ...

AI Could Replace Humans in Social Science Research

Researchers look at how AI (large language models or LLMs in particular) could change the nature of social science ...

Advanced Universal Control System May Revolutionize Lower Limb Exoskeleton Control and Optimize User Experience

A team of researchers has developed a new method for controlling lower limb exoskeletons using deep reinforcement learning. The method enables more robust and natural walking control for users of ...

Energy Harvesting Via Vibrations: Researchers Develop Highly Durable and Efficient Device

An international research group has engineered a new energy-generating device by combining piezoelectric composites with carbon fiber-reinforced polymer (CFRP), a commonly used material that is both ...

Terahertz-to-Visible Light Conversion for Future Telecommunications

A study demonstrates that graphene-based materials can be used to efficiently convert high-frequency signals into visible light, and that this mechanism is ultrafast and tunable. These outcomes open ...

High-Quality Child Care Contributes to Later Success in Science, Math

Children who receive high-quality child care as babies, toddlers and preschoolers do better in science, technology, engineering and math through high school, and that link is stronger among children ...

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