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June 29, 2023

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Evaluating Cybersecurity Methods

Researchers created a generic framework that enables an engineer or scientist to evaluate the effectiveness of defense schemes that seek to limit a hacker's ability to learn secret information by observing the behavior of a victim computer ...

How Secure Are Voice Authentication Systems Really?

Computer scientists have discovered a method of attack that can successfully bypass voice authentication security systems with up to a 99% success rate after only six ...

Quantum Computers Are Better at Guessing, New Study Demonstrates

Researchers have demonstrated a quantum speedup over the most efficient classical computer algorithm possible for what is believed to be the first time. The accomplishment was performed on an IBM Montreal Quantum Falcon r4 27-qubit ...

Two Qudits Fully Entangled

Recently quantum computers started to work with more than just the zeros and ones we know from classical computers. Now a team demonstrates a way to efficiently create entanglement of such high-dimensional systems to enable more powerful ...

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Are Our Pets Leaking Information About Us?

Pet and animal-related apps are creating cybersecurity risks to their owners, new research has ...

New AI Model Can Help Prevent Damaging and Costly Data Breaches

Privacy experts have created an AI algorithm that automatically tests privacy-preserving systems for potential data ...

New Form of Universal Quantum Computers

Computing power of quantum machines is currently still very low. Increasing it is still proving to be a major challenge. Physicists now present a new architecture for a universal quantum computer ...

New Method to Systematically Find Optimal Quantum Operation Sequences for Quantum Computers Developed

Computer scientists have succeeded in developing a method for systematically finding the optimal quantum operation sequence for a quantum computer. They have developed a systematic method that ...

Why 'Erasure' Could Be Key to Practical Quantum Computing

A new method for correcting errors in the calculations of quantum computers potentially clears a major obstacle to a powerful new realm of ...

From Bits to P-Bits: One Step Closer to Probabilistic Computing

Scientists have developed a mathematical description of what happens within tiny magnets as they fluctuate between states when an electric current and magnetic field are applied. Their findings could ...

Thinking Like a Cyber-Attacker to Protect User Data

Researchers have shown that a component of modern computer processors that enables different areas of the chip to communicate with each other is susceptible to a side-channel attack. An attacker can ...

A Key Role for Quantum Entanglement

A method known as quantum key distribution has long held the promise of communication security unattainable in conventional cryptography. An international team of scientists has now demonstrated ...

Quantum Cryptography: Hacking Is Futile

An international team has successfully implemented an advanced form of quantum cryptography for the first time. Moreover, encryption is independent of the quantum device used and therefore even more ...

Quantum Digits Unlock More Computational Power With Fewer Quantum Particles

For decades computers have been synonymous with binary information -- zeros and ones. Now a team has realized a quantum computer that breaks out of this paradigm and unlocks additional computational ...

'Pulling Back the Curtain' to Reveal a Molecular Key to The Wizard of Oz

Many people and companies worry about sensitive data getting hacked, so encrypting files with digital keys has become more commonplace. Now, researchers have developed a durable molecular encryption ...


Radio Waves for the Detection of Hardware Tampering

Up to now, protecting hardware against manipulation has been a laborious business: expensive, and only possible on a small scale. And yet, two simple antennas might do the ...

Toward Error-Free Quantum Computing

量子计算机是有用的在实践中,errors must be detected and corrected. A team of experimental physicists has now implemented a universal set of computational operations on ...

Secure Communication With Light Particles

While quantum computers offer many novel possibilities, they also pose a threat to internet security since these supercomputers make common encryption methods vulnerable. Based on the so-called ...

Emulating Impossible 'Unipolar' Laser Pulses Paves the Way for Processing Quantum Information

A laser pulse that sidesteps the inherent symmetry of light waves could manipulate quantum information, potentially bringing us closer to room temperature quantum ...

Eavesdroppers Can Hack 6G Frequency With DIY Metasurface

Crafty hackers can make a tool to eavesdrop on some 6G wireless signals in as little as five minutes using office paper, an inkjet printer, a metallic foil transfer and a ...

Self-Propelled, Endlessly Programmable Artificial Cilia

Researchers have developed a single-material, single-stimuli microstructure that can outmaneuver even living cilia. These programmable, micron-scale structures could be used for a range of ...

Scientific Advance Leads to a New Tool in the Fight Against Hackers

A new form of security identification could soon see the light of day and help us protect our data from hackers and cybercriminals. Quantum mathematicians have solved a mathematical riddle that ...

New Technique Offers Faster Security for Non-Volatile Memory Tech

Researchers have developed a technique that leverages hardware and software to improve file system security for next-generation memory technologies called non-volatile memories (NVMs). The new ...

Single-Photon Source Paves the Way for Practical Quantum Encryption

Researchers describe new high-purity single-photon source that can operate at room temperature. The source is an important step toward practical applications of quantum technology, such as highly ...

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