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July 3, 2023

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Researchers Teach an AI to Write Better Chart Captions

A new tool helps scientists develop machine-learning models that generate richer, more detailed captions for charts, and vary the level of complexity of a caption based on the needs of users. This could help improve accessibility for people with visual ...

Robotic Glove That 'Feels' Lends a 'Hand' to Relearn Playing Piano After a Stroke

一个新的软机械手套贷款“手”和providing hope to piano players who have suffered a disabling stroke or other neurotrauma. Combining flexible tactile sensors, soft actuators and AI, this robotic glove is the first to 'feel' the ...

Research Breakthrough Could Be Significant for Quantum Computing Future

Scientists using one of the world's most powerful quantum microscopes have made a discovery that could have significant consequences for the future of computing. Researchers have discovered a spatially modulating superconducting state in a new and unusual superconductor Uranium Ditelluride (UTe2). ...

Mathematicians Solve Long-Known Problem

Making history with 42 digits: Scientists have unlocked a decades-old mystery of mathematics with the so-called ninth Dedekind number. Experts worldwide have been searching for the value since 1991. Scientists arrived at the exact sequence of numbers with the help of the Noctua ...

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New Microcomb Device Advances Photonic Technology

Researchers have outlined a new high-speed tunable microcomb that could help propel advances in wireless communication, imaging, atomic clocks, and ...

Now, Every Biologist Can Use Machine Learning

Scientists have built a new, comprehensive AutoML platform designed for biologists with little to no ML experience. New automated machine learning platform enables easy, all-in-one analysis, design, ...

An App Can Transform Smartphones Into Thermometers That Accurately Detect Fevers

A team has created an app called FeverPhone, which transforms smartphones into thermometers without adding new ...

AI That Uses Sketches to Detect Objects Within an Image Could Boost Tumor Detection, and Search for Rare Bird Species

Teaching machine learning tools to detect specific objects in a specific image and discount others is a 'game-changer' that could lead to advancements in cancer detection, according to ...

Open-Source Software to Speed Up Quantum Research

Quantum technology is expected to fundamentally change many key areas of society. Researchers are convinced that there are many more useful quantum properties and applications to explore than those ...

AI Reveals Hidden Traits About Our Planet's Flora to Help Save Species

Machine learning can help extract important information from the huge numbers of plant specimens stored in herbaria, say ...

Metamaterials With Built-in Frustration Have Mechanical Memory

Researchers have discovered how to design materials that necessarily have a point or line where the material doesn't deform under stress, and that even remember how they have been poked or ...

New Technique in Error-Prone Quantum Computing Makes Classical Computers Sweat

Today's quantum computers often calculate the wrong answer because of noisy environments that interfere with the quantum entanglement of qubits. IBM Quantum has pioneered a technique that ...

Hybrid AI-Powered Computer Vision Combines Physics and Big Data

Researchers have laid out a new approach to enhance artificial intelligence-powered computer vision technologies by adding physics-based awareness to data-driven techniques. The study offered an ...

Four-Legged Robot Traverses Tricky Terrains Thanks to Improved 3D Vision

Researchers have developed a new model that trains four-legged robots to see more clearly in 3D. The advance enabled a robot to autonomously cross challenging terrain with ease -- including stairs, ...


一组研究人员正在探索新型材料that have potential to make microelectronics more energy efficient. Their recent work explores recently discovered wurtzite ferroelectrics, which ...


MethaneMapper Is Poised to Solve the Problem of Underreported Methane Emissions

MethaneMapper is an artificial intelligence-powered hyperspectral imaging tool that researchers have developed to detect real-time methane emissions and trace them to their sources. The tool works by ...

Schrödinger's Cat Makes Better Qubits

Drawing from Schrodinger's cat thought experiment, scientists have built a 'critical cat code' qubit that uses bosons to store and process information in a way that is more reliable ...

Applying Artificial Intelligence for Early Risk Forecasting of Alzheimer's Disease

An international research team has developed an artificial intelligence (AI)-based model that uses genetic information to predict an individual's risk of developing Alzheimer's disease (AD) ...

New Superconducting Diode Could Improve Performance of Quantum Computers and Artificial Intelligence

A team has developed a more energy-efficient, tunable superconducting diode -- a promising component for future electronic devices -- that could help scale up quantum computers for industry and ...

New AI Boosts Teamwork Training

Researchers have developed a new artificial intelligence (AI) framework that is better than previous technologies at analyzing and categorizing dialogue between individuals, with the goal of ...

The Digital Dark Matter Clouding AI

Scientists using artificial intelligence technology may be inviting unwanted noise into their genome analyses. Now, researchers have created a computational correction that will allow them to see ...

Shining a Light on Neuromorphic Computing

AI, machine learning, and ChatGPT may be relatively new buzzwords in the public domain, but developing a computer that functions like the human brain and nervous system -- both hardware and software ...

Researchers Demonstrate Secure Information Transfer Using Spatial Correlations in Quantum Entangled Beams of Light

Researchers have demonstrated the principle of using spatial correlations in quantum entangled beams of light to encode information and enable its secure ...

Quantum Computers Are Better at Guessing, New Study Demonstrates

Researchers have demonstrated a quantum speedup over the most efficient classical computer algorithm possible for what is believed to be the first time. The accomplishment was performed on an IBM ...

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