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July 3, 2023

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Three Things to Know: Climate Change's Impact on Extreme-Weather Events

Researchers found that the effects of climate change on the intensity, frequency, and duration of extreme weather events, like wildfires, could lead to massive increases in all ...

The Looming 840,000 Ton Waste Problem That Isn't Single-Use Plastics

Researchers have developed new methods to solve a major source of future waste from the automotive, aerospace and renewable ...

水Storage Capacity in Oceanic Crust Slabs Increases With Age, Researchers Find

An international research team has discovered that a subduction zone's age affects the ability for it to recycle water between the Earth's surface and its inner layers. The more mature the subduction zone, the bigger the water storage ...

Squash Bugs Are Attracted to and Eat Each Other's Poop to Stock Their Microbiome

Squash bugs, a common and difficult-to-control agricultural pest, need healthy bacteria in their gut to grow and stay alive. However, they do not acquire any bacteria from their parents when they are first born, leaving them vulnerable until their ...

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Research in a Place Where Geological Processes Happen Before Your Eyes

台湾经验的一些世界上最快的老鼠es of mountain building -- they are growing at a faster rate than our fingernails grow in a year. The mountains also see frequent and ...

Don't Wait, Desalinate: A New Approach to Water Purification

A water purification system separates out salt and other unnecessary particles with an electrified version of dialysis. Successfully applied to wastewater with planned expansion into rivers and seas, ...

Study of Deep-Sea Corals Reveals Ocean Currents Have Not Fuelled Rise in Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide

Pioneering analysis of deep-sea corals has overturned the idea that ocean currents contributed to increasing global levels of carbon dioxide in the air over the past 11,000 ...

Investing in Nature Improves Equity, Boosts Economy

A new study shows that current trends in environmental degradation will lead to large economic losses in the coming decades, hitting the poorest countries hardest. But there is hope: investing in ...

Effect of Volcanic Eruptions Significantly Underestimated in Climate Projections

Researchers have found that the cooling effect that volcanic eruptions have on Earth's surface temperature is likely underestimated by a factor of two, and potentially as much as a factor of ...

Are Viruses Keeping Sea Lice at Bay in Wild Salmon?

More than 30 previously unknown RNA viruses in sea lice have been identified. Sea lice are parasitic copepods (small crustaceans) found in many fresh and saltwater habitats, and have been implicated ...

Will Engineered Carbon Removal Solve the Climate Crisis?

A new study explored fairness and feasibility in deep mitigation pathways with novel carbon dioxide removal, taking into account institutional capacity to implement mitigation ...

雨水花园可以节省从有毒Ti鲑鱼re Chemicals

Specially designed gardens could reduce the amount of a toxic chemical associated with tires entering our waterways by more than 90 per cent, new research ...

Smart Farming Platform Improves Crop Yields, Minimizes Pollution

A new farming system aims to solve one of the biggest problems in modern agriculture: the overuse of fertilizers to improve crop yields and the resulting chemical runoff that pollutes the ...

PFAS Found in Blood of Dogs, Horses Living Near Fayetteville, NC

Researchers detected elevated PFAS levels in the blood of pet dogs and horses from Gray's Creek, N.C. -- including dogs that only drank bottled ...

New Study Reveals Irrigation's Mixed Effects Around the World

Trajectory of irrigation water use in many regions is unsustainable, but practice is vital in managing climate change and future agricultural development, researchers ...


Clean, Sustainable Fuels Made 'from Thin Air' and Plastic Waste

Researchers have demonstrated how carbon dioxide can be captured from industrial processes -- or even directly from the air -- and transformed into clean, sustainable fuels using just the energy from ...

Study Finds Combustion from Gas Stoves Can Raise Indoor Levels of Chemical Linked to a Higher Risk of Blood Cell Cancers

About 47 million homes use natural gas or propane-burning cooktops and ovens. Researchers found that cooking with gas stoves can raise indoor levels of the carcinogen benzene above those found in ...

To Boost Supply Chains, Scientists Are Looking at Ways to Recover Valuable Materials from Water

Researchers are exploring the different ways of harvesting materials from ...

How Will a Warming World Impact the Earth's Ability to Offset Our Carbon Emissions?

New work deploys a bold new approach for inferring the temperature sensitivity of ecosystem respiration -- which represents one side of the equation balancing carbon dioxide uptake and carbon dioxide ...

Massive Underwater Plateau Near Solomon Islands Is Younger and Its Eruption Was More Protracted Than Previously Thought

The Ontong Java Plateau, a volcanically-formed underwater plateau located in the Pacific Ocean north of the Solomon Islands, is younger and its eruption was more protracted than previously thought, ...

Scientists Discover Urea in Atmosphere Revealing Profound Consequences for Climate

Areas of the ocean that are rich in marine life are having a bigger impact on our ecosystems and the climate than previously thought, new research ...

The Life Below Our Feet: Team Discovers Microbes Thriving in Groundwater and Producing Oxygen in the Dark

A survey of groundwater samples drawn from aquifers beneath more than 80,000 square miles of Canadian prairie reveals ancient groundwaters harbor not only diverse and active microbial communities, ...

Preserving Forests to Protect Deep Soil from Warming

一个创新,footh长达10年的实验ills of California's Sierra Nevada mountains shows carbon stocks buried deep underground are vulnerable to climate change. The findings have ...

A Machine Learning Approach to Freshwater Analysis

A team of researchers has applied a machine learning model to explore where and to what extent human activities are contributing to the hydrogeochemical changes, such as increases in salinity and ...

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