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June 29, 2023

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Electrochemical Device Captures Carbon Dioxide at the Flick of a Switch

New carbon capture technology can generate a continuous, high-purity carbon dioxide stream from diluted, or low-concentration, gas streams using only electricity and a water-and-oxygen-based ...

What Controls the Pathways of the Labrador Current?

Changes to the flow of the Labrador Current along the coast of Newfoundland and Labrador to Nova Scotia are leading to sudden warmings or drops in the oxygen levels of the waters in several regions including the St. Lawrence Gulf and Estuary. This change has dire consequences for marine ecosystems ...

Geologists Are Using Artificial Intelligence to Predict Landslides

Many factors influence where a landslide will occur, including the shape of the terrain, its slope and drainage areas, the material properties of soil and bedrock, and environmental conditions like climate, rainfall, hydrology and ground motion resulting from earthquakes. Geologists have developed ...

Research Reveals Sources of CO2 from Aleutian-Alaska Arc Volcanoes

Scientists have wondered what happens to the organic and inorganic carbon that Earth's Pacific Plate carries with it as it slides into the planet's interior along the volcano-studded Ring of Fire. A new study suggests a notable amount of such subducted carbon returns to the atmosphere rather than ...

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Research in a Place Where Geological Processes Happen Before Your Eyes

Taiwan experiences some of the world's fastest rates of mountain building -- they are growing at a faster rate than our fingernails grow in a year. The mountains also see frequent and ...

Worse Than Diesel and Gasoline? Bioenergy as Bad as Fossils If There Is No Pricing of CO2 Emissions from Land-Use Change, Experts Argue

Demand for modern biofuels is expected to grow substantially in order to mitigate climate emissions. However, they are far from being a climate neutral alternative to gasoline and diesel. A new study ...

Do Warmer Temperatures Make Turtles Better Mothers?

Warmer temperatures are known to make more turtle eggs become female hatchlings, but new research shows that those females also have a higher capacity for egg production, even before their sex is ...

21st Century Economic Growth Will Be Slower Than We Thought

The global economy will grow slower in the 21st century than economists have expected, a finding that has implications for our ability to adapt to climate change in the coming decades, according to ...

New Study Reveals Global Reservoirs Are Becoming Emptier

在过去的二十年里,全球水库become increasingly empty despite an overall increase in total storage capacity due to the construction of new reservoirs. Researchers used a new ...

Effect of Volcanic Eruptions Significantly Underestimated in Climate Projections

Researchers have found that the cooling effect that volcanic eruptions have on Earth's surface temperature is likely underestimated by a factor of two, and potentially as much as a factor of ...

Traditional Methods Cannot Give Us the Insights We Need to Understand Changing Ecosystems

If we want to face up to the challenges posed by climate change and other global environmental changes, we need to bring complexity science into the mix with ecology and biodiversity ...

Will Engineered Carbon Removal Solve the Climate Crisis?

A new study explored fairness and feasibility in deep mitigation pathways with novel carbon dioxide removal, taking into account institutional capacity to implement mitigation ...

Potential Financial Losses from a Renewable Energy Transition Are Concentrated Among the Wealthy

One common rationale against climate action is that the resulting fossil fuel investment losses could impact people's retirement or long-term savings. However, researchers report that the loss ...

Flooding Tackled by Helping Citizens Take Action

Scientists have developed a new method that empowers citizens to identify solutions to climate change ...

Conservation Policies Risk Damaging Global Biodiversity, Researchers Argue

Rewilding, organic farming and the 'nature friendly farming' measures included in some government conservation policies risk worsening the global biodiversity crisis by reducing how much ...


'Shoebox' Satellites Help Scientists Understand Trees and Global Warming

As scientists try to understand the effect of climate on trees, advances in imaging technology are helping them see both the whole forest and every individual tree. High-resolution images taken by ...

Antarctic Ice Shelves Experienced Only Minor Changes in Surface Melt Since 1980

A team of glaciologists set out to quantify how much ice melt occurred on Antarctica's ice shelves from 1980 to 2021. The results might seem to be good news for the region, but the researchers ...

Wildfire Smoke Downwind Affects Health, Wealth, Mortality

Smoke particulates from wildfires could cause between 4,000 and 9,000 premature deaths and cost between $36 to $82 billion per year in the United States, according to new ...

Caribbean Seagrasses Provide Services Worth $255B Annually, Including Vast Carbon Storage, Study Shows

Caribbean seagrasses provide about $255 billion in services to society annually, including $88.3 billion in carbon storage, according to a new study. The study has put a dollar value on the many ...

Climate Change Could Lead to 'Widespread Chaos' for Insect Communities

New research explores how a warming world could impact ecosystems and derail the development of new ...

New Study Reveals Irrigation's Mixed Effects Around the World

Trajectory of irrigation water use in many regions is unsustainable, but practice is vital in managing climate change and future agricultural development, researchers ...

Cryo Conservation: A Cool Solution to Saving Species from Extinction

In the face of the biodiversity crisis, and alarming data showing a 69% decline in global animal populations since 1970, researchers are banking on a cool solution to help save species from ...

Climate Action Plans Mobilize Limited Urban Change, Researchers Report

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change Fifth Assessment Report (AR5), released just prior to an international climate convention in 2015, explicitly stated that human-caused greenhouse gas ...

Supersized Fruit Eater Database on Climate Change Frontline

To conserve precious and fragile biodiversity hotspots, a crucial step is knowing how the fruit eaters are doing. To assist in that, scientists and students have supersized a database to keep track ...

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