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June 29, 2023

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Act Now to Prevent Uncontrolled Rise in Carbon Footprint of Computational Science

科学家们为computa如何制定原则tional science -- which powers discoveries from unveiling the mysteries of the universe to developing treatments to fight cancer to improving our understanding of the human genome, but can have a ...

Lessons in Sustainability, Evolution and Human Adaptation -- Courtesy of the Holocene

The El Gigante rockshelter in western Honduras is among only a handful of archaeological sites in the Americas that contain well-preserved botanical remains spanning the last 11,000 years. Considered one of the most important archaeological sites ...

Perovskite Solar Cells Set New Record for Power Conversion Efficiency

Perovskite solar cells have attained now attained the extremely high efficiency rate of 24.35% with an active area of 1 cm2. This ground-breaking achievement in maximizing power generation from next-generation renewable energy sources will be crucial to securing the world's energy ...

Smart Farming Platform Improves Crop Yields, Minimizes Pollution

A new farming system aims to solve one of the biggest problems in modern agriculture: the overuse of fertilizers to improve crop yields and the resulting chemical runoff that pollutes the world's air and ...

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Record 19.31% Efficiency With Organic Solar Cells

Researchers have achieved a breakthrough power-conversion efficiency (PCE) of 19.31% with organic solar cells (OSCs), also known as polymer solar cells. This remarkable binary OSC efficiency will ...

Overfishing Linked to Rapid Evolution of Codfish

The overfishing of codfish spanning the second half of the 20th century indicates that human action can force evolutionary changes more quickly than widely believed, according to a new ...

The Next Generation of Solar Energy Collectors Could Be Rocks

The next generation of sustainable energy technology might be built from some low-tech materials: rocks and the sun. Using a new approach known as concentrated solar power, heat from the sun is ...

Groundbreaking Images of Root Chemicals Offer New Insights on Plant Growth

Applying imaging technology to plant roots, researchers have developed a new understanding of chemicals that are responsible for plant growth. The chemical 'roadmap' identifies where key ...

Plants Remove Cancer Causing Toxins from Air

A ground-breaking study has revealed that plants can efficiently remove toxic gasoline fumes, including cancer causing compounds such as benzene, from indoor ...

Saving Our Soil: How to Extend US Breadbasket Fertility for Centuries

The Midwestern United States has lost 57.6 billion tons of topsoil due to farming practices over the past 160 years, and the rate of erosion, even following the U.S. Department of Agriculture's ...

Consistent Link Between the Seaside and Better Health

海边的居民和游客都觉得for centuries, but scientists have only recently started to investigate possible health benefits of the coast. Using data from 15 countries, new ...

Not So Biodegradable: Bio-Based Plastic and Plastic-Blend Textiles Do Not Biodegrade in the Ocean

A new study tracked the ability of natural, synthetic, and blended fabrics to biodegrade directly in the ...

New Technique Substantially Reduces Mouse Damage to Crops Even During Plagues

A non-toxic method to prevent mice from devouring wheat crops has been shown to drastically reduce seed ...

Modular Builds May Help Construction Industry Weather a Perfect Storm

Engineers have calculated the potential cost savings for builders who opt for modular construction techniques to avoid lengthy and expensive holdups caused by poor ...

Communities Should Reconsider Walking Away from Curbside Recycling, Study Shows

Researchers took a deep dive into the economic and environmental value of community recycling efforts and compared it to the value of other climate change mitigation practices, concluding it provides ...


New Supply Chain Model to Empower Seabound Hydrogen Economy

A team of researchers has created a new supply chain model which could empower the international hydrogen renewable energy ...

Half of World's Largest Lakes Losing Water

Fifty-three percent of the world's largest freshwater lakes are in decline, storing less water than they did three decades ago, according to a new study. The study analyzed satellite ...

Driving on Sunshine: Clean, Usable Liquid Fuels Made from Solar Power

Researchers have developed a solar-powered technology that converts carbon dioxide and water into liquid fuels that can be added directly to a car's engine as drop-in ...

Automated Window Shades Show Potential for Significant Energy Savings

Automated insulating window shades can cut energy consumption by approximately one-quarter and may recoup the cost of installation within three to five years, according to a landmark study. The study ...

Land Use Linked to Water Quality and Quantity

Researchers recently published a study that focuses on the Sudbury-Assabet and Concord watershed in eastern Massachusetts, and which links hydrological changes, including floods, drought and runoff, ...

'Improved' Cookstoves Emit More Ultrafine Particles Than Conventional Stoves

Improved cookstoves, which are widely used for cooking in developing countries, produce twice as many harmful ultrafine air pollution particles (PM0.1) as conventional stoves, according to a new ...

Great Basin: History of Water Supply in One of the Driest Regions in the USA

An international team has reconstructed the evolution of groundwater in the Great Basin, USA -- one of the driest regions on Earth -- up to 350,000 years into the past with unprecedented accuracy. ...

Nature Is Changing as Land Abandonment Increases

Abandoned lands could be both an opportunity and a threat for biodiversity; a recent article highlights why abandoned lands are critical in the assessment of global restoration and conservation ...

Unlocking the Power of Photosynthesis for Clean Energy Production

Researchers are embarking on a groundbreaking project to mimic the natural process of photosynthesis using bacteria to deliver electrons to a nanocrystal semiconductor photocatalyst. By leveraging ...

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