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June 29, 2023

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Mountains Vulnerable to Extreme Rain from Climate Change

A new study finds that as rising global temperatures shift snow to rain, mountains across the Northern Hemisphere will be hotspots for extreme rainfall events that could trigger floods and landslides -- potentially impacting a quarter of the world's ...

Freely Available Risk Model for Hurricanes, Tropical Cyclones

As human-driven climate change amplifies natural disasters, hurricanes and typhoons stand to increase in intensity. Until now, there existed very few freely available computer models designed to estimate the economic costs of such events, but a team of researchers has recently announced the ...

New Nationwide Modeling Points to Widespread Racial Disparities in Urban Heat Stress

Using a combination of satellite data and modeling to study the temperatures and humidity people might feel in urban areas, researchers have pinpointed who in the U.S. is most vulnerable to heat ...

City Buildings Could Blow Air Taxi Future Off Course

Air taxis may be coming to our cities in the near future, but a new study warns regulations will need to address dangerous wind gusts around city buildings and other urban ...

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Extremely Hot Days Are Warming Twice as Fast as Average Summer Days in North-West Europe

New study analyzed data on near-surface air temperatures recorded for North-West Europe over the past 60 years. The findings show that the maximum temperature of the hottest days is increasing at ...

Atmospheric Research Provides Clear Evidence of Human-Caused Climate Change Signal Associated With CO2 Increases

New research provides clear evidence of a human 'fingerprint' on climate change and shows that specific signals from human activities have altered the temperature structure of Earth's ...

Prolonged Power Outages, Often Caused by Weather Events, Hit Some Parts of the U.S. Harder Than Others

New research found that Americans already bearing the brunt of climate change and health inequities are most at risk of impact by a lengthy power ...

120-Year-Old Storm's Secrets Key to Understanding Weather Risks

The conversion of handwritten weather records into digital information will help weather better understand future weather ...

A More Precise Model of the Earth's Ionosphere

The ionosphere -- the region of geospace spanning from 60 to 1000 kilometers above the Earth -- impairs the propagation of radio signals from global navigation satellite systems (GNSS) with its ...

Scientists Develop New Way to Measure Wind

Atmospheric scientists have developed an algorithm that uses data from water vapor movements to measure wind. This could help predict extreme events like ...

New Look at Climate Data Shows Substantially Wetter Rain and Snow Days Ahead

A new look at climate data shows that, by the end of the century, the heaviest days of rain and snowfall across much of North America will likely release 20 to 30 percent more moisture than they do ...

Predictive Power of Climate Models May Be Masked by Volcanoes

Simulated volcanic eruptions may be blowing up our ability to predict near-term climate, according to a new ...

Cities Will Need More Resilient Electricity Networks to Cope With Extreme Weather

Dense urban areas amplify the effects of higher temperatures, due to the phenomenon of heat islands in cities. This makes cities more vulnerable to extreme climate events. Large investments in the ...

Underground Water Could Be the Solution to Green Heating and Cooling

About 12% of the total global energy demand comes from heating and cooling homes and businesses. A new study suggests that using underground water to maintain comfortable temperatures could reduce ...

研究人员与北极Warming to Extreme Winter Weather in Midlatitude and Its Future

A warmer Arctic has been linked to extreme winter weather in the midlatitude regions. But, it is not clear how global warming affects this link. In a new study, researchers show, using weather data ...


Hope for Salamanders? Study Recalibrates Climate Change Effects

For tiny salamanders squirming skin-to-soil, big-picture weather patterns may seem as far away as outer space. But for decades, scientists have mostly relied on free-air temperature data at large ...

Why Are Forests Turning Brown in Summer?

European forests are increasingly turning brown in the course of hot, dry summers. In the scorching summer of 2022, Europe experienced more trees turning brown than ever, with 37% of temperate and ...

Machine Learning Model Helps Forecasters Improve Confidence in Storm Prediction

When severe weather is brewing and life-threatening hazards like heavy rain, hail or tornadoes are possible, advance warning and accurate predictions are of utmost importance. Weather researchers ...

SMART Warnings Could Protect Communities at Risk from Flooding

Engaging communities in developing a real-time early warning system could help to reduce the often-devastating impact of flooding on people and property -- particularly in mountainous regions where ...

The Global Economics of Climate Action

Climate change has serious consequences for the environment and people and is a major threat to economic stability. A new assessment reviews innovative, integrated research that underpins the ...

Drought, Heat Waves Worsen West Coast Air Pollution Inequality

A new study found drought and heat waves could make air pollution worse for communities that already have a high pollution burden in California, and deepen pollution inequalities along racial and ...

High Winds Can Worsen Pathogen Spread at Outdoor Chicken Farms

A study of chicken farms in the West found that high winds increased the prevalence of Campylobacter in outdoor flocks, a bacterial pathogen in poultry that is the largest single cause of foodborne ...

A Mechanistic and Probabilistic Method for Predicting Wildfires

In the event of dry weather and high winds, power system-ignited incidents are more likely to develop into wildfires. The risk is greater if vegetation is nearby. A new study provides the methodology ...

Entire Populations of Antarctic Seabirds Fail to Breed Due to Extreme, Climate-Change-Related Snowstorms

The arrival of the new year is a prime time for Antarctic birds like the south polar skua, Antarctic petrel, and snow petrel to build nests and lay their eggs. However, from December 2021 to January ...

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