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June 29, 2023

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Glial Control of Parallel Memory Processing

Have you ever studied hard for a test the night before, only to fail miserably the next day? Alternatively, you may have felt ill-prepared after studying the night before when, to your astonishment, you recall effortless the content on test day. This discrepancy may be down to the separate and ...

How the Brain Processes Numbers -- New Procedure Improves Measurement of Human Brain Activity

Measuring human brain activity down to the cellular level: until now, this has been possible only to a limited extent. With a new approach it will now be much easier. The method relies on microelectrodes along with the support of brain tumor ...

High-Quality Child Care Contributes to Later Success in Science, Math

Children who receive high-quality child care as babies, toddlers and preschoolers do better in science, technology, engineering and math through high school, and that link is stronger among children from low-income backgrounds, according to new ...

Illusions Are in the Eye, Not the Mind

Numerous visual illusions are caused by limits in the way our eyes and visual neurones work -- rather than more complex psychological processes, new research ...

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This year and next, Americans will have the extraordinary opportunity to witness two solar eclipses as both will be visible throughout the continental U.S. Both occurrences promise to be remarkable ...

60 Years Later, High School Quality May Have a Long-Term Impact on Cognition

Attending a high school with a high number of teachers with graduate training was the clearest predictor of the impact of school quality on late-life cognition, researchers ...

Structured Exploration Allows Biological Brains to Learn Faster Than AI

神经科学家已经发现了如何探索行为ions enable animals to learn their spatial environment more efficiently. Their findings could help build better AI agents that can learn faster and ...

Speaking a Tonal Language Could Boost Your Melodic Ability, but at the Cost of Rhythm

Your native language could impact your musical ability. A global study that compared the melodic and rhythmic abilities of almost half a million people speaking 54 different languages found that ...

ChatGPT Is Still No Match for Humans When It Comes to Accounting

ChatGPT faced off against students on accounting assessments. Students scored an overall average of 76.7%, compared to ChatGPT's score of 47.4%. On a 11.3% of questions, ChatGPT scored higher ...

Older Adults May Achieve Same Cognition as Undergrads

A set of recent studies demonstrates for the first time that learning multiple new tasks carries benefits for cognition long after the learning has been completed. One year after they learned new ...

Research Shows Why Some Children May Be Slower to Learn Words

A new study investigates where toddlers look when they learn new words. It finds that children with larger vocabularies looked quickly towards objects when learning new words. Meanwhile, children who ...

School Discipline Can Be Predicted, New Research Says. Is It Preventable?

Researchers have documented wide fluctuations and racial disparities in school discipline -- and ways educators might be better able to prevent incidents ...

Two Brain Networks Are Activated While Reading, Study Finds

当一个人读一个句子,两个截然不同的及rks in the brain are activated, working together to integrate the meanings of the individual words to obtain more complex, higher-order meaning, ...

How Music Can Prevent Cognitive Decline

Normal aging is associated with progressive cognitive decline. But can we train our brain to delay this process? A team has discovered that practicing and listening to music can alter cognitive ...

More Structure, Fewer Screens Makes for Healthier Kids in the School Holidays

In the first Australian study of its kind, University of South Australia researchers found that when primary school children are on holidays, they're less active, more likely to be on screens, ...


In Sync Brainwaves Predict Learning

Students whose brainwaves are more in sync with their classmates and teacher are likely to learn better than those lacking this 'brain-to-brain synchrony,' shows a new study by a team of ...

Teachers Who Struggle to Cope With Stress Report Far Lower Job Satisfaction

As teacher shortages continue to worsen across the United States, a new study gives insight into why so many stressed and burnt-out teachers are leaving the profession. The study found teachers who ...

Students Use Machine Learning in Lesson Designed to Reveal Issues, Promise of A.I.

In a new study, researchers had 28 high school students create their own machine-learning artificial intelligence (AI) models for analyzing data. The goals of the project were to help students ...

Make Creativity Part of Study Programs for Scientists-in-Training, Experts Urge

Bioinformaticians are focusing on the topic of creativity in research. They advocate teaching the importance of creative processes for the advancement of science especially in graduate study ...

Preschoolers Prefer to Learn from a Competent Robot Than an Incompetent Human

Researchers found that preschoolers prefer learning from what they perceive as a competent robot over an incompetent human. This study is the first to use both a human speaker and a robot to see if ...

Early Morning University Classes Correlate With Poor Sleep and Academic Performance

Sleep scientists' analyses show associations between early classes, less sleep, poor attendance and reduced grade point average. Studies in secondary and junior college students have shown that ...

The Challenge of Keeping an Audience Engaged: How Language Shapes Attention

Language that is easier to process encourages continued reading, as does language that evokes anxious, exciting, and hopeful ...

New Research Suggests Peer-Advisor Relationship Is Key to Success

Collaborative research across the country has shown that strengthening the relationship between the student and advisor can increase retention rates in engineering doctoral ...

Americans' IQ Scores Are Lower in Three Domains, Higher in One

IQ scores have substantially increased from 1932 through the 20th century, with differences ranging from three to five IQ points per decade, according to a phenomenon known as the 'Flynn ...

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