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June 29, 2023

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Newly Discovered Jurassic Fossils in Texas

Scientists have filled a major gap in the state's fossil record -- describing the first known Jurassic vertebrate fossils in Texas. The weathered bone fragments are from the limbs and backbone of a plesiosaur, an extinct marine ...

50-Million-Year-Old Katydid Fossil Reveals Muscles, Digestive Tract, Glands and a Testicle

50 million years ago in what is now northwestern Colorado, a katydid died, sank to the bottom of a lake and was quickly buried in fine sediments, where it remained until its compressed fossil was recovered in recent years. When researchers examined ...

Extinct Warbler's Genome Sequenced from Museum Specimens

The Bachman's warbler, a songbird that was last seen in North America nearly 40 years ago, was a distinct species and not a hybrid of its two living sister species, according a new study in which the full genomes of seven museum specimens of the bird were ...

Cave Excavation Pushes Back the Clock on Early Human Migration to Laos

Fifteen years of archaeological work in the Tam Pa Ling cave in northeastern Laos has yielded a reliable chronology of early human occupation of the site. The team's excavations through the layers of sediments and bones that gradually washed into the cave and were left untouched for tens of ...

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Evidence of Ice Age Human Migrations from China to the Americas and Japan

Scientists have used mitochondrial DNA to trace a female lineage from northern coastal China to the Americas. By integrating contemporary and ancient mitochondrial DNA, the team found evidence of at ...

Nose Shape Gene Inherited from Neanderthals

Humans inherited genetic material from Neanderthals that affects the shape of our noses, finds a new ...

Scientists Recover an Ancient Woman's DNA from a 20,000-Year-Old Pendant

An international research team has for the first time successfully isolated ancient human DNA from a Paleolithic artefact: a pierced deer tooth discovered in Denisova Cave in southern Siberia. To ...

'Golden' Fossils Reveal Origins of Exceptional Preservation

A recent study found that many of the fossils from Germany's Posidonia shale do not get their gleam from pyrite, commonly known as fool's gold, which was long thought to be the source of ...

化石发现在加州摇自然嗨story of Cycad Plants

According to researchers, a new analysis of an 80-million-year-old permineralized pollen cone found in the Campanian Holz Shale formation located in Silverado Canyon, California, offers a more ...

Information 'Deleted' from the Human Genome May Be What Made Us Human

What the human genome is lacking compared with the genomes of other primates might have been as crucial to the development of humankind as what has been added during our evolutionary history, ...

Mammalian Evolution Provides Hints for Understanding the Origins of Human Disease

Even though it is important to know where these variations are located in the genome, it's also useful to know how or why these genetic variations happened in the first ...

Colorado's Spicy Ancient History of Chili Peppers

Recently identified chili pepper fossils from Boulder and Denver museums challenge millions of years of global tomato evolutionary history. Now, that's some spicy ...

Neuroptera: Greater Insect Diversity in the Cretaceous Period

An LMU team has studied the biodiversity of larvae from the insect order neuroptera over the past 100 million ...

Fossils Reveal the Long-Term Relationship Between Feathered Dinosaurs and Feather-Feeding Beetles

New fossils in amber have revealed that beetles fed on the feathers of dinosaurs about 105 million years ago, showing a symbiotic relationship of one-sided or mutual ...

How Can a Pollinating Insect Be Recognized in the Fossil Record?

Insect pollination is a decisive process for the survival and evolution of angiosperm (flowering) plants and, to a lesser extent, gymnosperms (without visible flower or fruit). There is a growing ...


New Details of Tully Monster Revealed

For more than half a century, the Tully monster (Tullimonstrum gregarium), an enigmatic animal that lived about 300 million years ago, has confounded paleontologists, with its strange anatomy making ...

Professor Unearths the Ancient Fossil Plant History of Burnaby Mountain

New research led by a paleobotanist provides clues about what plants existed in the Burnaby Mountain area (British Columbia, Canada) 40 million years ago during the late Eocene, when the climate was ...

Oldest Bat Skeletons Ever Found Described from Wyoming Fossils

Scientists have described a new species of bat based on the oldest bat skeletons ever recovered. The study on the extinct bat, which lived in Wyoming about 52 million years ago, supports the idea ...

One of Swedish Warship Vasa's Crew Was a Woman

When the human remains found on board the Swedish warship Vasa (1628) were investigated, it was determined that the skeleton designated G was a man. New research now shows that the skeleton is ...

蚂蚁通过遵循开花Pl接管世界ants out of Prehistoric Forests

Today, ants are pretty much everywhere. To learn more about how these insects conquered the world, scientists used a combination of fossils, DNA, and data on the habitat preferences of modern species ...

Ancient Giant Amphibians Swam Like Crocodiles 250 Million Years Ago

Ancient 2m-long amphibians swam like crocodiles long before true crocodiles existed, according to a new ...

Ludwig Van Beethoven's Genome Sheds Light on Chronic Health Problems and Cause of Death

In 1802, Ludwig van Beethoven asked his brothers to request that his doctor, J.A. Schmidt, describe his malady -- his progressive hearing loss -- to the world upon his death so that 'as far as ...

Fossil Site Is 'Rosetta Stone' for Understanding Early Life

Leading edge technology has uncovered secrets about a world-renowned fossil hoard that could offer vital clues about early life on Earth. Researchers who analyzed the 400 million-year-old cache, ...

Indigenous Ashaninka DNA Helps Geneticists Write New Chapters of Pre-Colonial History in South America

Geneticists have written new chapters in the reconstruction of pre-colonial Americas history after using DNA from the indigenous Ashaninka people from Amazonian Peru. They have discovered previously ...

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