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June 29, 2023

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Newly Discovered Jurassic Fossils in Texas

Scientists have filled a major gap in the state's fossil record -- describing the first known Jurassic vertebrate fossils in Texas. The weathered bone fragments are from the limbs and backbone of a plesiosaur, an extinct marine ...

Humans' Ancestors Survived the Asteroid Impact That Killed the Dinosaurs

A Cretaceous origin for placental mammals, the group that includes humans, dogs and bats, has been revealed by in-depth analysis of the fossil record, showing they co-existed with dinosaurs for a short time before the dinosaurs went ...

New Dinosaur Discovered: Ankylosaurs May Have Been Far More Diverse Than Originally Thought

First armoured dinosaur to be described from the Isle of Wight in 142 years, shows Ankylosaurs may have been far more diverse than originally ...

First Side-Necked Turtle Ever Discovered in UK

The first side-necked turtle ever to be found in the UK has been discovered by an amateur fossil collector and ...

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Evolution of Dinosaur Body Size Through Different Developmental Mechanisms

食肉恐龙被称为食肉恐龙roamed the ancient Earth ranged in size from the bus-sized T. rex to the smaller, dog-sized Velociraptor. Scientists puzzling over how such wildly ...

Oldest Spinosaur Brains Revealed

Researchers have reconstructed the brains and inner ears of two British spinosaurs, helping uncover how these large predatory dinosaurs interacted with their ...

Researchers Uncover 92 Fossil Nests Belonging to Some of India's Largest Dinosaurs

The discovery of more than 250 fossilized eggs reveals intimate details about the lives of titanosaurs in the Indian subcontinent, according to a new ...

Fossils Reveal Dinosaurs of Prehistoric Patagonia

A study is providing a glimpse into dinosaur and bird diversity in Patagonia during the Late Cretaceous, just before the non-avian dinosaurs went extinct. The fossils represent the first record of ...

The Other Paleo Diet: Rare Discovery of Dinosaur Remains Preserved With Its Last Meal

Microraptor was an opportunistic predator, feeding on fish, birds, lizards -- and now small mammals. The discovery of a rare fossil reveals the creature was a generalist carnivore in the ancient ...

What the Inner Ear of Europasaurus Reveals About Its Life

Europasaurus is a long-necked, herbivorous dinosaur that lived in the Late Jurassic, about 154 million years ago, on a small island in modern-day Germany. Recently, scientists examined fossil ...

Scientists Discover What Was on the Menu of the First Dinosaurs

The earliest dinosaurs included carnivorous, omnivorous and herbivorous species, according to a team of ...

Climate Change Played Key Role in Dinosaur Success Story

Climate change, rather than competition, played a key role in the ascendancy of dinosaurs through the Late Triassic and Early Jurassic ...

Dinosaur Teeth Reveal What They Didn't Eat

Scratches on dinosaur teeth could reveal what they really ate. Dental microwear texture analysis (DMTA) has now been used to infer the feeding habits of large theropods, including Allosaurus and T. ...

Dinosaurs Were on the Up Before Asteroid Downfall

Dinosaurs dominated the world right up until a deadly asteroid hit the earth, leading to their mass extinction, some 66 million years ago, a landmark study reveals. Fresh insights into ...

Ankylosaurs Battled Each Other as Much as They Fought Off T. Rex

Scientists have found new evidence for how armored dinosaurs used their iconic tail clubs. The exceptional fossil of the ankylosaur Zuul crurivastator has spikes along its flanks that were broken and ...


Fossil Overturns More Than a Century of Knowledge About the Origin of Modern Birds

Fossilized fragments of a skeleton, hidden within a rock the size of a grapefruit, have helped upend one of the longest-standing assumptions about the origins of modern ...

Oldest Pterodactylus Fossil Found in Germany

The oldest Pterodactylus specimen was found near Painten, Germany. The fossil is about one million years older than other Pterodactylus specimens. The specimen is a complete, well-preserved skeleton ...

Prehistoric Predator? Artificial Intelligence Says No

Artificial intelligence has revealed that prehistoric footprints thought to be made by a vicious dinosaur predator were in fact from a timid ...

New Scottish Fossil Sheds Light on the Origins of Lizards

A fossil discovery from Scotland has provided new information on the early evolution of lizards, during the time of the ...

Fossil Bird's Skull Reconstruction Reveals a Brain Made for Smelling and Eyes Made for Daylight

Piecing together the crushed skull of a fossil bird that lived alongside the dinosaurs helped researchers extrapolate what its brain would have looked like: big olfactory bulbs would have meant that ...

Ostrich-Like Dinosaurs from Mississippi Are Among the World's Largest at Over 800 Kilograms

Ostrich-like dinosaurs called ornithomimosaurs grew to enormous sizes in ancient eastern North America, according to a new ...

Dinosaur 'Mummies' Might Not Be as Unusual as We Think

A process of desiccation and deflation explains why dinosaur 'mummies' aren't as exceptional as we might expect, according to a ...

Shaking the Dinosaur Family Tree: How Did 'Bird-Hipped' Dinosaurs Evolve?

Researchers have conducted a new analysis of the origins of 'bird-hipped' dinosaurs -- the group which includes iconic species such as Triceratops -- and found that they likely evolved from ...

Discovery of Extinct Prehistoric Reptile That Lived Among Dinosaurs

Researchers have discovered a new extinct species of lizard-like reptile that belongs to the same ancient lineage as New Zealand's living tuatara. A team of scientists describe the new species ...

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