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June 26, 2023

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Lessons in Sustainability, Evolution and Human Adaptation -- Courtesy of the Holocene

The El Gigante rockshelter in western Honduras is among only a handful of archaeological sites in the Americas that contain well-preserved botanical remains spanning the last 11,000 years. Considered one of the most important archaeological sites ...

'We're All Asgardians': New Clues About the Origin of Complex Life

一个ccording to a new study, eukaryotes -- complex life forms with nuclei in their cells, including all the world's plants, animals, insects and fungi -- trace their roots to a common Asgard archaean ancestor. That means eukaryotes are, in the parlance of evolutionary biologists, a 'well-nested clade' ...

Cave Excavation Pushes Back the Clock on Early Human Migration to Laos

Fifteen years of archaeological work in the Tam Pa Ling cave in northeastern Laos has yielded a reliable chronology of early human occupation of the site. The team's excavations through the layers of sediments and bones that gradually washed into the cave and were left untouched for tens of ...

These Long-Necked Reptiles Were Decapitated by Their Predators, Fossil Evidence Confirms

In the age of dinosaurs, many marine reptiles had extremely long necks compared to reptiles today. While it was clearly a successful evolutionary strategy, paleontologists have long suspected that their long-necked bodies made them vulnerable to ...

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Extinct Warbler's Genome Sequenced from Museum Specimens

The Bachman's warbler, a songbird that was last seen in North America nearly 40 years ago, was a distinct species and not a hybrid of its two living sister species, according a new study in ...

Fossils of a Saber-Toothed Top Predator Reveal a Scramble for Dominance Leading Up to 'the Great Dying'

一个tiger-sized saber-toothed creature called Inostrancevia has previously only been found in Russia. But scientists have discovered its fossils in South Africa, suggesting that it migrated 7,000 miles ...

一个ncient Climate Change Solves Mystery of Vanished South African Lakes

New evidence for the presence of ancient lakes in some of the most arid regions of South Africa suggests that Stone Age humans may have been more widespread across the continent than previously ...

Humanity's Earliest Recorded Kiss Occurred in Mesopotamia 4,500 Years Ago

Written sources from Mesopotamia suggest that kissing in relation to sex was practiced by the peoples of the ancient Middle East 4,500 years ...

Homo Sapiens Likely Arose from Multiple Closely Related Populations

In testing the genetic material of current populations in Africa and comparing against existing fossil evidence of early Homo sapiens populations there, researchers have uncovered a new model of ...

会跳的结论:化石昆虫ID作为新的通用电气nus, Species of Prodigious Leaper, the Froghopper

一个fossil arthropod entombed in 100-million-year-old Burmese amber has been identified as a new genus and species of froghopper, known today as an insect with prodigious leaping ability in adulthood ...

Earth's First Animals Had Particular Taste in Real Estate

Even without body parts that allowed for movement, new research shows -- for the first time -- that some of Earth's earliest animals managed to be picky about where they ...

Scientists Recover an Ancient Woman's DNA from a 20,000-Year-Old Pendant

一个n international research team has for the first time successfully isolated ancient human DNA from a Paleolithic artefact: a pierced deer tooth discovered in Denisova Cave in southern Siberia. To ...

New Tusk-Analysis Techniques Reveal Surging Testosterone in Male Woolly Mammoths

Traces of sex hormones extracted from a woolly mammoth's tusk provide the first direct evidence that adult males experienced musth, a testosterone-driven episode of heightened aggression against ...

'Golden' Fossils Reveal Origins of Exceptional Preservation

一个recent study found that many of the fossils from Germany's Posidonia shale do not get their gleam from pyrite, commonly known as fool's gold, which was long thought to be the source of ...

Fossil Find in California Shakes Up the Natural History of Cycad Plants

一个ccording to researchers, a new analysis of an 80-million-year-old permineralized pollen cone found in the Campanian Holz Shale formation located in Silverado Canyon, California, offers a more ...


Ecosystem Evolution in Africa

New research pushes back the oldest evidence of C4 grass-dominated habitats in Africa -- and globally -- by more than 10 million years, with important implications for primate evolution and the ...

Searching for Ancient Bears in an Alaskan Cave Led to an Important Human Discovery

Genetic analysis links 3,000-year-old bone found in cave to modern Alaska ...

Colorado's Spicy Ancient History of Chili Peppers

Recently identified chili pepper fossils from Boulder and Denver museums challenge millions of years of global tomato evolutionary history. Now, that's some spicy ...

360-Million-Year-Old Irish Fossil Provides Oldest Evidence of Plant Self-Defense in Wood

Scientists have discovered the oldest evidence of plant self-defense in wood in a 360-million-year-old fossil from south-eastern Ireland. Plants can protect their wood from infection and water loss ...

X-Ray Analysis Sheds New Light on Prehistoric Predator's Last Meal

We now know more about the diet of a prehistoric creature that grew up to two and a half meters long and lived in Australian waters during the time of the dinosaurs, thanks to the power of x-rays. ...

Nullarbor Rocks Reveal Australia's Transformation from Lush to Dust

Researchers have discovered how long ago the Australian Nullarbor plain dried out, with a new approach shedding light on how ancient climate change altered some of the driest regions of our ...

Fossils Reveal the Long-Term Relationship Between Feathered Dinosaurs and Feather-Feeding Beetles

New fossils in amber have revealed that beetles fed on the feathers of dinosaurs about 105 million years ago, showing a symbiotic relationship of one-sided or mutual ...

How Can a Pollinating Insect Be Recognized in the Fossil Record?

Insect pollination is a decisive process for the survival and evolution of angiosperm (flowering) plants and, to a lesser extent, gymnosperms (without visible flower or fruit). There is a growing ...

Learning About What Happens to Ecology, Evolution, and Biodiversity in Times of Mass Extinction

Studying mass extinction events from the past can build our understanding of how ecosystems and the communities of organisms within them respond. Researchers are looking to the Late Devonian mass ...

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