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June 30, 2023

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Combining Maths With Music Leads to Higher Scores, Suggests Review of 50 Years of Research

Children do better at maths when music is a key part of their lessons, an analysis of almost 50 years of research on the topic has ...

Poverty Negatively Impacts Structural Wiring in Children's Brains, Study Indicates

A study reveals that household and community poverty may influence brain health in children. Childhood obesity and lower cognitive function may explain, at least partially, poverty's influence on the ...

RSV Is a Serious Heath Threat, but the Public Knows Little About It

一项新的调查发现,美国民众病了-informed about RSV, unfamiliar with its most common symptoms, and more hesitant to recommend a vaccine against it to pregnant people than to older ...

Machine-Learning Method Used for Self-Driving Cars Could Improve Lives of Type-1 Diabetes Patients

The same type of machine learning methods used to pilot self-driving cars and beat top chess players could help type-1 diabetes sufferers keep their blood glucose levels in a safe ...

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Understanding the Speed of Brain Communication

Called the human connectome, this structural system of neural pathways develops as people age. A new study shows transmission speed among brain regions increases into early adulthood. Learning more ...

Early Signs That May Help Predict ADHD Risk

Information available at birth may help to identify children with higher likelihood of developing ADHD, according to new ...

How to Get Your Children to Eat More Fruits and Vegetables

如果足总孩子会吃更多的水果和蔬菜milies take more time to eat ...

Scientists Narrow Down Pool of Potential Height Genes

When it comes to height, our fate is sealed along with our growth plates -- cartilage near the ends of bones that hardens as a child develops. New research shows that cells in these plates determine ...

Assisted Reproduction Kids Grow Up Just Fine -- But It May Be Better to Tell Them Early About Biological Origins, Twenty-Year Study Suggests

Landmark study finds no difference in psychological wellbeing or quality of family relationships between children born by assisted reproduction (egg or sperm donation or surrogacy) and those born ...

Father's Alcohol Consumption Before Conception Linked to Brain and Facial Defects in Offspring

Research investigating fetal alcohol syndrome (FAS) exclusively examines maternal alcohol exposure. However, because men drink more and are more likely to binge drink than women, scientists set out ...

Sedentary Time May Significantly Enlarge Adolescents' Heart

In adolescents, sedentary time may increase heart size three times more than moderate-to-vigorous physical activity, a recent article concludes. The researchers explored the associations of sedentary ...

The Brain's Cannabinoid System Protects Against Addiction Following Childhood Maltreatment

High levels of the body's own cannabinoid substances protect against developing addiction in individuals previously exposed to childhood maltreatment, according to a new study. The brains of ...

Your Baby's Gut Is Crawling With Unknown Viruses

Babies tumble about with more than 200 previously unknown viral families within their intestines. This large number comes as a surprise to researchers, who closely studied the diapers of 647 Danish ...

New Insights on Brain Development Sequence Through Adolescence

Brain development does not occur uniformly across the brain, but follows a newly identified developmental sequence, according to a new study. Brain regions that support cognitive, social, and ...

Physicians Should Be on Alert for Group A Strep as Cases Experience Historic Rise, Study Finds

The U.S. experienced an unprecedented number of group A streptococcal infections in children from October to December of 2022, which should alert physicians to check for the potentially deadly ...


Exposure Therapy to Feared Foods May Help Kids With Eating Disorders

Whether you're afraid of dogs, needles or enclosed spaces, one of the most effective interventions for this type of anxiety disorder is exposure therapy in which you confront your fear in a safe ...

Harsh Discipline Increases Risk of Children Developing Lasting Mental Health Problems

Harsh discipline from parents puts young children at greater risk of developing lasting mental health problems, new research shows. A study with over 7,500 children in Ireland found those exposed to ...

Diminishing Health Benefits of Living in Cities for Children and Teens

The advantages of living in cities for children and adolescents' healthy growth and development are shrinking across much of the world, according to a new global analysis of trends in child and ...

Living With Pet Cats or Dogs Is Associated With Fewer Food Allergies in Young Children, Study Finds

在分析了超过65000名婴儿从日本,children exposed to pet cats or indoor dogs during fetal development or early infancy tended to have fewer food allergies compared to other ...

Diet and Exercise Programs Alone Won't Tackle Childhood Obesity

Focusing on immediate fixes such as diet and exercise programs alone won't curb the tide of childhood obesity, according to a new study that for the first time maps the complex pathways that ...

Weight Stigmatizing Experiences Associated With Disordered Eating Behaviors

Researchers have found positive parenting and family factors were associated with reduced risk for disordered eating behaviors but did not lessen the influence of weight-stigmatizing experiences on ...

Researchers Find Strong Adolescent-Parent Relationships Lead to Better Long-Term Health Outcomes in Young Adults

Researchers have found that adolescents who report strong relationships with their parents have better long-term health outcomes. Study findings suggest that investments in improving ...

Obesity Risk May Pass from Mothers to Daughters

Women with obesity may share risk for the disease with their daughters, but not their sons, according to a new ...

Excess Calories During Development Alters the Brain and Spurs Adult Overeating

New research could help develop treatments to reduce cravings for unhealthy ...

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