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June 29, 2023

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Lean Body Mass, Age Linked With Alcohol Elimination Rates in Women

Research links women's lean body mass with how quickly they eliminate alcohol from their system. Women with obesity and those who are older eliminate alcohol from their bloodstreams faster than those of normal weight and those who are ...

Ketone Supplements Worsen Performance in Trained Endurance Athletes, Researchers Find

Kinesiologists at McMaster University have found ketone supplements, used by some athletes hoping to cross the finish line faster, may in fact worsen performance. The new study tackles contradictory research findings related to the effectiveness of ...

New Study Gives Clues on Why Exercise Helps With Inflammation

研究人员早就知道moderate exercise has a beneficial impact on the body's response to inflammation, but what's been less understood is why. New research done on a mouse model suggests that the answers may lie at the production level of macrophages -- white blood cells responsible for ...

Taurine May Be a Key to Longer and Healthier Life

A study finds that deficiency of taurine, a molecule produced in our bodies, drives aging, and taurine supplements can improve health and increase lifespan in ...

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Being Fit Partially Offsets Negative Impact of High Blood Pressure

High fitness levels may reduce the risk of death from cardiovascular disease in men with high blood pressure, according to a 29-year ...

How Fit Is Your Gut Microbiome?

It is well known that the microbiomes of athletes are different from of those who are sedentary. To investigate how exercise shapes the gut microbiota in non-athletes, the study assessed information ...

Study Shows 'Obesity Paradox' Does Not Exist: Waist-to-Height Ratio Is a Better Indicator of Outcomes in Patients With Heart Failure Than BMI

New research has debunked the idea that there is an 'obesity paradox', whereby patients with heart failure who are overweight or obese are thought to be less likely to end up in hospital or ...

To Ward Off Aging, Stem Cells Must Take out the Trash

Researchers find stem cells use a surprising system for discarding misfolded proteins. This unique pathway could be the key to maintaining long-term health and preventing age-related blood and immune ...

Obesity Risk May Pass from Mothers to Daughters

Women with obesity may share risk for the disease with their daughters, but not their sons, according to a new ...

Olive Oil by-Product Could Aid Exercise

New research has found that olive fruit water, a by-product typically thrown away during olive oil production, could have exercise benefits. The study tested olive fruit water during exercise and ...

A Good Night's Sleep May Make It Easier to Stick to Exercise and Diet Goals

People who had higher scores for sleep health -- based on regularity, satisfaction, alertness, timing, efficiency and duration -- during a 12-month weight loss program were more likely to follow the ...

Physical Activity Can Help Mental Health in Pre-Teen Years

Regular physical activity can improve adolescents' mental health and help with behavioral difficulties, research suggests. Engaging in regular moderate to vigorous physical activity at age 11 ...

Daily 11 Minute Brisk Walk Enough to Reduce Risk of Early Death

One in ten early deaths could be prevented if everyone managed at least half the recommended level of physical activity, say a team. The researchers say that 11 minutes a day (75 minutes a week) of ...

Exercise More Effective Than Medicines to Manage Mental Health, Study Shows

Researchers are calling for exercise to be a mainstay approach for managing depression as a new study shows that physical activity is 1.5 times more effective than counseling or the leading ...

Time of Day May Determine the Amount of Fat Burned by Exercise

Physical activity at the right time of the day seems able to increase fat metabolism, at least in mice. A new study shows that mice that did exercise in an early active phase, which corresponds to ...


Sports-Related Sudden Cardiac Arrest Is Rare in Older Adults

The annual incidence of sports-related sudden cardiac arrest in older adults is rare: 2 to 3 cases per 100,000 ...

Dietary Nitrate -- Found in Beetroot Juice -- Significantly Increases Muscle Force During Exercise

A new study has found that consuming dietary nitrate -- the active molecule in beetroot juice -- significantly increased muscle force while exercising. While it is known that dietary nitrate enhances ...

New Research Furthers Case for Exercise Promoting Youthfulness

Researchers compared aging mice that had access to a weighted exercise wheel with mice that had undergone epigenetic reprogramming via the expression of Yamanaka factors. Ultimately, the team ...

Resistance Training in Older Adults at the Cellular Level

Aging and related diseases are associated with alterations in oxidative status and low-grade inflammation, as well as a decreased endoplasmic reticulum (ER) unfolded protein response (UPR). UPR is a ...

Overactive Cell Metabolism Linked to Biological Aging

Human cells with impaired mitochondria ramp up their metabolism to enhance short-term survival, but at a cost: more rapid ...

Rx for Prolonged Sitting: A Five-Minute Stroll Every Half Hour

Just five minutes of walking every half hour offsets harmful effects of prolonged sitting, finds a new ...

Six Minutes of High-Intensity Exercise Could Delay the Onset of Alzheimer's Disease

Six minutes of high-intensity exercise could extend the lifespan of a healthy brain and delay the onset of neurodegenerative disorders, such as Alzheimer's disease and Parkinson's disease. ...

Researchers Shed Light on How Exercise Preserves Physical Fitness During Aging

Researchers investigated the role of one cellular mechanism in improving physical fitness by exercise training and identified one anti-aging intervention that delayed the declines that occur with ...

Grb10 Offers a Potential New Approach for Treating Obesity

A team of researchers has discovered that the protein Grb10 promotes leptin activity in the brain, opening the possibility of developing Grb10-based new approaches to treat ...

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