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居ne 29, 2023

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An Unexpected Doorway Into the Ear Opens New Possibilities for Hearing Restoration

Researchers have developed a new method to deliver drugs into the inner ear. The discovery was possible by harnessing the natural flow of fluids in the brain and employing a little understood backdoor into the cochlea. When combined to deliver a ...

Follow the Leader: Researchers Identify Mechanism of Cancer Invasion

A cancerous tumor is the accumulation of cells uncontrollably dividing, some of which can invade other parts of the body. The process is difficult to predict in detail, and eradicating the cells poses even greater difficulty. Now, a research team has revealed how the exodus initiates, shedding ...

Researchers Develop Digital Test to Directly Measure HIV Viral Load

A milliliter of blood contains about 15 individual drops. For a person with human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), each drop of blood could contain anywhere from fewer than 20 copies of the virus to more than 500,000 copies. Called the viral load, this is what is measured to allow clinicians to ...

New Sensor Chip Advances Rapid, Cost-Effective Disease Diagnostics

Scientists have developed a sensor chip that can detect many disease pathogens with 10 times the sensitivity of currently available ...

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Scientists Discover New Embryonic Cell Type That Self-Destructs to Protect the Developing Embryo

Scientists have uncovered a new quality control system that removes damaged cells from early developing ...

Focus on Function Helps Identify the Changes That Made Us Human

研究揭示了人类进化和恶魔strates an approach for identifying significant differences in how genes are used between closely-related ...

A New Tool to Study Complex Genome Interactions

Genome Architecture Mapping captures complex, multi-way interactions in the genome. This is different than the workhorse technique of 3D genomics, which sees mostly two-way contacts, finds a new ...

Tethering of Shattered Chromosomal Fragments Paves Way for New Cancer Therapies

Scientists discover shattered chromosomal fragments are tethered together during cell division before being rearranged; destroying the tether may help prevent cancerous ...

Astrocyte Processing of Serotonin Regulates Olfactory Perception

Researchers have uncovered novel aspects of astrocyte function in olfactory, or smell, perception revealing changes in their gene expression patterns that turn these brain cells into a hub of ...

Close Up on Aging Reveals How Different Cell Types in the Body Age at Different Pace

A team or researchers reports the first Aging Fly Cell Atlas (AFCA), a detailed characterization of the aging process in 163 distinct cell types in the laboratory fruit fly. Their in-depth analysis ...

New Study Gives Clues on Why Exercise Helps With Inflammation

Researchers have long known that moderate exercise has a beneficial impact on the body's response to inflammation, but what's been less understood is why. New research done on a mouse model ...

Better Understanding of How Genes Make Us Prone to Allergies

New research is bolstering scientific understanding behind why some people are more prone to allergies than others. Researchers have identified how genetic differences that alter a specific protein ...

Ultra Small Molecule as a New Target for Alzheimer's Disease?

A new study shows that a very small molecule called microRNA-132 can have a significant impact on different brain cells and may play a role in Alzheimer's ...

Further Hope for Base-Edited T-Cell Therapy to Treat Resistant Leukemia

Three young patients with relapsed T-cell leukemia have now been treated with base-edited ...

New Research Identifies Cells Linking Chronic Psychological Stress to Inflammatory Bowel Disease

For the first time, cells involved with the communication between stress responses in the brain and inflammation in the gastrointestinal (GI) tract have been identified in animal models. Glial cells, ...


Lingering Effects of Neanderthal DNA Found in Modern Humans

Recent scientific discoveries have shown that Neanderthal genes comprise some 1 to 4% of the genome of present-day humans whose ancestors migrated out of Africa, but the question remained open on how ...

The IL-17 Protein Plays a Key Role in Skin Aging

A team of scientists has discovered that IL-17 protein plays a central role in skin aging. The study highlights an IL-17-mediated ageing process to an inflammatory ...

'Revolutionary' Research Discovers New Cause of Cancer Coming from Inside Us

Cancer researchers have made an important new connection between a person's cancer risk and the activity of circular RNAs, a poorly understood family of genetic fragments present in the body. A ...

Single-Cell Atlas of the Whole Human Lung

The largest and most comprehensive cell map of the human lung has been completed. The Human Lung Cell Atlas reveals the great diversity of cell types in the lung and shows key differences between ...

Unexpected Link Between Chromosomal Instability and Epigenetic Alterations

New research finds an unexpected link between chromosomal instability and epigenetic alternations, both of which are hallmarks of cancer -- especially advanced, drug-resistant ...

A Lung Injury Therapy Derived from Adult Skin Cells

Therapeutic nanocarriers engineered from adult skin cells can curb inflammation and tissue injury in damaged mouse lungs, new research shows, hinting at the promise of a treatment for lungs severely ...

A Compound from Fruit Flies Could Lead to New Antibiotics

Research shows that the natural peptide, called drosocin, protects fruit flies from bacterial infections by binding to ribosomes in bacteria. Once bound, drosocin prevents the ribosome from making ...

The Digital Dark Matter Clouding AI

Scientists using artificial intelligence technology may be inviting unwanted noise into their genome analyses. Now, researchers have created a computational correction that will allow them to see ...

Previously Unknown Antibiotic Resistance Widespread Among Bacteria

一个使细菌耐药的基因tibiotics are much more widespread in our environment than was previously realized. A new study shows that bacteria in almost all environments carry resistance ...

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