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June 29, 2023


Dogs and Humans Process Body Postures Similarly in Their Brains

A new study shows that information from body postures plays a similarly important role for dogs as it does for humans. The results offer new insights into how dogs and humans perceive each other and their environment. They confirm that the temporal lobe plays a central role in social communication ...

Neural Signature for Borderline Personality Disorder Identified

A new study of a brain region called the rostro-medial prefrontal could potentially advance diagnosis and therapies for Borderline Personality Disorder ...

Body's Immune Response May Offer Alternative Approach to Neuropathic Pain Therapies

In the midst of a global opioid epidemic, a team of scientists is exploring natural killer (NK) cells as an alternative treatment for neuropathic pain. Researchers gather existing evidence for the impact of NK cells in pain, pointing to their ...

Poverty Negatively Impacts Structural Wiring in Children's Brains, Study Indicates

A study reveals that household and community poverty may influence brain health in children. Childhood obesity and lower cognitive function may explain, at least partially, poverty's influence on the ...

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Running on Fumes? Fruit Flies Stay Sharp by Flipping a Metabolic Switch in the Brain

A new study reveals that the cells in the fruit fly brain possess a remarkable ability to shift their energy production to fats and send signals to the body's other organs, prompting them to ...

Poorly Insulated Nerve Cells Promote Alzheimer's Disease in Old Age

研究ers have shown that defective myelin actively promotes disease-related changes in Alzheimer's ...

Parkinson's Disease Drug Ropinirole Safely Slowed the Progression of ALS for Over 6 Months in a Clinical Trial

Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), also known as Lou Gehrig's disease, is a fatal motor neuron disease that causes people to gradually lose control of their muscles. There is no cure, and ...

The White Matter of the MS Brain Shows Abnormalities Even Before Inflammation

Patients with MS show structural abnormalities in their white matter even before MS inflammation develops. Could this finding lead to a target for a new treatment to prevent MS ...

Running Throughout Middle Age Keeps 'Old' Adult-Born Neurons 'Wired'

A new study provides novel insight into the benefits of exercise, which should motivate adults to keep moving throughout their lifetime, especially during middle age. Long-term exercise profoundly ...

Study Finds Brain Connectivity, Memory Improves in Older Adults After Walking

常规的走起加强联系和感情n brain networks, according to new research, adding to growing evidence linking exercise with slowing the onset of Alzheimer's disease. The ...

New Chemical Compound Demonstrates Potential in Nerve Regeneration

Recent research has identified a new compound that can stimulate nerve regeneration after injury, as well as protect cardiac tissue from the sort of damage seen in heart ...

Vitamin D Alters Developing Neurons in the Brain's Dopamine Circuit

Neuroscientists have shown how vitamin D deficiency affects developing neurons in the brain's dopamine circuit, which may lead to the dopamine dysfunction seen in adults with ...

From Molecular to Whole-Brain Scale in a Simple Animal, Study Reveals Serotonin's Effects

With full genetic control and visibility into neural activity and behavior, scientists map out chemical's role in ...

Dementia Study Reveals How Toxic Proteins Spread Through Brain

Fresh insights into the spread of damaging proteins that build up in the brains of people with Alzheimer's disease could hold the key to stopping the condition progressing, a study ...

FDA-Approved Alzheimer's Drug Lecanemab Could Prevent Free-Floating Amyloid Beta Fibrils from Damaging the Brain

研究ers described the structure of a special type of amyloid beta plaque protein associated with Alzheimer's disease (AD) progression. Scientists showed the small aggregates of the amyloid ...


Potential Found to Counter Depression by Restoring Key Brain Rhythm

A new study in mice and rats found that restoring certain signals in a brain region that processes smells countered ...

Neuropathic Pain: The Underlying Mechanism and a Potential Therapeutic Target Are Revealed in Mice

Neuropathic pain -- abnormal hypersensitivity to stimuli -- is associated with impaired quality of life and is often poorly managed. Estimates suggest that 3 percent to 17 percent of adults suffer ...

Neuronal Activity Shapes the Development of Astrocytes

研究ers report that neuronal activity is necessary and sufficient for astrocytes to develop their complex shape, and interrupting this developmental process results in disrupted brain ...

Effects of Brain Stimulation Amenable to Conditioning

Conditioning that once worked with Pavlov's dog does also work with an artificially induced change in nerve cell ...

A Gene Involved in Down Syndrome Puts the Brakes on Neurons' Activity in Mice

研究ers have found that an extra copy of a gene in Down syndrome patients causes improper development of neurons in ...

Engineering the Next Generation of Cell and Gene Therapies

Investigators are developing a novel way to treat amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) and retinitis pigmentosa using engineered stem cells that may eventually lead to personalized ...

Neuroscientists Identify Cells Especially Vulnerable to Alzheimer's

研究ers have identified neurons in the brain that may contribute to some of the earliest symptoms of Alzheimer's disease, making it a good target for potential new drugs to treat the ...

Mind-Body Connection Is Built Into Brain

A new study reveals that a connection between the body and mind is built into the structure of the brain. The study shows that parts of the brain area that controls movement are plugged into networks ...

Identification of Tunnels Connecting Neurons in the Developing Brain

Over a hundred years after the discovery of the neuron by neuroanatomist Santiago Ramón y Cajal, scientists continue to deepen their knowledge of the brain and its development. Scientists have now ...

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