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June 29, 2023

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Research Challenges Current Thinking on the Genetic Causes of Very Early Menopause

The genetic causes of very early menopause will have to be reconsidered after researchers found that nearly all women who carried variations thought to cause the condition in fact had their menopause at an older ...

Helping 'Good' Gut Bacteria and Clearing out the 'Bad' -- All in One Treatment

Probiotics can help maintain a healthy gut microbiome or restore populations of 'good bacteria' after a heavy course of antibiotics. But now, they could also be used as an effective treatment strategy for certain intestinal diseases, such as Crohn's ...

A 'Pinch' of Mineral Salts Helps the Noncaloric Sweeteners Go Down

Perfect noncaloric replacements for sugar and high fructose corn syrup just don't exist yet. For example, some alternatives have a lingering sweet aftertaste and lack a sugar-like mouthfeel, leaving some consumers unsatisfied. Now, researchers propose adding blends of nutritionally important ...

How Breast Cancer Arises

Researchers trace the origin of certain breast cancers to genomic reshuffling -- rearrangement of chromosomes -- that activates cancer genes and ignites disease. The finding offers a long-missing explanation for many cases of the disease that remain unexplained by the classical model of breast ...

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Study Reveals New Understanding of How Androgen Therapy Affects Breast Tissue

New insights into the effects of a hormonal treatment on transgender men could have implications for the treatment of breast ...

Decades-Long Suffering from Obstetric Injuries

Bowel leakage, the need for anal incontinence protection and a restricted social life may cause severe, decades-long suffering among women with obstetric injuries to the anal opening, according to a ...

Microcalcification 'Fingerprints' Can Yield Info About Cancer

An interdisciplinary collaboration 10 years in the making used a materials science approach to 'fingerprint' the calcium mineral deposits known as microcalcifications that reveal ...

Migraines During Menstruation: Low Estrogen Levels Paired With Higher CGRP Levels May Jump Start Migraine

As estrogen levels fluctuate, a new study has found for female participants with migraine, their levels of the protein calcitonin gene-related peptide (CGRP) that plays a key role in starting the ...

Air Pollution Speeds Bone Loss from Osteoporosis

Elevated levels of air pollutants are associated with bone damage among postmenopausal women, according to new research. The effects were most evident on the lumbar spine, with nitrous oxides twice ...

Does Lifetime Exposure to Estrogen Affect Risk of Stroke?

People with a higher cumulative estrogen exposure throughout their life may have a lower risk of stroke, according to a new study. The lower risk was found for both ischemic stroke and intracerebral ...

Predicting Two Common Heart Conditions

Two novel research studies move the needle on predicting two important heart conditions -- sudden cardiac arrest, which is often fatal, and increased coronary artery calcium, a marker of coronary ...

Early Tastings Shorten Breastfeeding

The earlier infants begin to taste small samples of solid food, the earlier they eat more food and stop breastfeeding. This is shown in a new study, in which the mothers of 1,251 infants from all ...

Body Dissatisfaction Can Lead to Eating Disorders at Any Age

Eating disorders are stereotypically associated with adolescents and young adults. Growing evidence, however, suggests that these conditions can occur at any time during a woman's lifespan, ...

HRT Could Ward Off Alzheimer's Among at-Risk Women

Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) could help prevent Alzheimer's Dementia among women at risk of developing the disease -- according to new ...

Cystic Fibrosis Drug Could Help Treat Pneumonia

Pathogens such as SARS-CoV-2 and pneumococcus can cause severe pneumonia. If the airways then fill with fluid, the patient risks developing acute respiratory distress syndrome. Researchers have now ...


High-Energy X-Rays Leave a Trace of Destruction in Bone Collagen

A team of medical researchers has analyzed damage by focused high energetic X-rays in bone samples from fish and mammals at BESSY II. With a combination of microscopy techniques, the scientists could ...

Enzyme Inhibition Promotes Bone Formation and Curbs the Development of Bone Metastases

In our bones, specialized cells called osteoblasts are responsible for building up bone substance. A team of researchers has now identified an enzyme that controls the activity of osteoblasts. An ...

High Doses of Statins Increase Osteoporosis Risk, Shows Study in Animals

An animal experiment demonstrates what big data analysis previously indicated: high doses of statins likely increase osteoporosis ...

Subcutaneous Fat Emerges as a Protector of Females' Brains

Females' propensity to deposit more fat in places like their hips, buttocks and the backs of their arms, so-called subcutaneous fat, is protective against brain inflammation, which can result in ...

Who Is More Prone to Recurrent UTIs? Bladder Bacteria May Be Key

Researchers have identified specific bacteria in the bladder that may indicate which postmenopausal women are more susceptible to recurrent urinary tract infections (UTIs), and they found that ...


Delirium is common among women with urinary tract infections (UTIs) -- especially those who have experienced menopause. Investigators, working with laboratory mice, have been able to prevent symptoms ...

Clues Found Regarding Tumor Suppressor Gene's Breast Cancer Activity

Researchers have revealed how the gene HOXA5 may work to suppress formation of breast ...

New Oral Compound May Help Prevent and Treat Osteoporosis, Researchers Find

Researchers identified an oral compound that influences components of the parathyroid hormone signaling pathway to increase bone formation and bone mass in ...

Women With Elevated Breast Cancer Risk Could See Mortality Benefit from Estrogen-Blocking Drugs

While it has long been recognized that drugs that block the cancer-promoting activity of estrogen reduce risk of developing new breast cancers, a new computer modeling study has shown that these ...

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