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June 29, 2023

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Neutrons Look Inside Working Solid-State Battery to Discover Its Key to Success

Researchers have used neutron reflectometry to peer inside a working solid-state battery and monitor its electrochemistry. They discovered that its excellent performance results from an extremely thin layer, across which charged lithium atoms ...

Towards Efficient Lithium--Air Batteries With Solution Plasma-Based Synthesis of Perovskite Hydroxide Catalysts

CoSn(OH)6 (CSO) is an effective oxygen evolution reaction (OER) catalyst, necessary for developing next-generation lithium -- air batteries. However, current methods of synthesizing CSO are complicated and slow. Recently, an international research ...

Aluminium-Ion Batteries With Improved Storage Capacity

Scientists develop positive electrode material using an organic redox polymer based on phenothiazine. Aluminium-ion batteries containing this material stored an unprecedented 167 milliampere hours per gram, outperforming batteries using graphite as electrode material. Aluminium-ion batteries are ...

A Novel, Completely Solid, Rechargeable Air Battery

Solid-state batteries use solid electrodes and solid electrolytes, unlike the more commonly known lithium-ion batteries, which use liquid electrolytes. Solid-state batteries overcome various challenges associated with liquid-based batteries, such as flammability, limited voltage, unstable ...

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Researchers Design Battery Prototype With Fiber-Shaped Cathode

In a new study, researchers made a cathode, or the positive end of a battery, in the shape of a thread-like fiber. The researchers were then able to use the fiber to create a zinc-ion battery ...

Greener Batteries

Our modern rechargeable batteries, such as lithium-ion batteries, are anything but sustainable. One alternative is organic batteries with redox-organic electrode materials (OEMs), which can be ...

Tiny Biobattery With 100-Year Shelf Life Runs on Bacteria

A tiny biobattery that could still work after 100 years has been ...

Electrification Push Will Have Enormous Impacts on Critical Metals Supply Chain

The demand for battery-grade lithium, nickel, cobalt, manganese and platinum will climb steeply as vehicle electrification speeds up and nations work to reduce greenhouse gas emissions through ...

Solid-State Lithium-Sulfur Batteries: Neutrons Unveil Sluggish Charge Transport

Solid-state Lithium-Sulfur batteries offer the potential for much higher energy densities and increased safety, compared to conventional lithium-ion batteries. However, the performance of solid-state ...

Major Storage Capacity in Water-Based Batteries

Chemical engineers have discovered a 1,000% difference in the storage capacity of metal-free, water-based battery ...

Revolutionary Battery Technology to Boost EV Range 10-Fold or More

A team develops layering-charged, polymer-based stable high-capacity anode ...

New Invention: The Oxygen-Ion Battery

An oxygen-ion-battery has been invented, based on ceramic materials. If it degrades, it can be regenerated, therefore it potentially has an extremely long lifespan. Also, it does not require any rare ...

Batteries: Passivation Layer Mystery Solved

In our daily lives, lithium-ion batteries have become indispensable. They function only because of a passivation layer that forms during their initial cycle. As researchers found out via simulations, ...

High-Energy-Density, Long Life-Cycle Rechargeable Lithium Metal Batteries

Research shows promise for developing high-energy-density rechargeable lithium-metal batteries and addressing the electrochemical oxidation instability of ether-based ...

Stalactites and Stalagmites in the Battery?

他们被认为是电池再保险的“圣杯”search: so-called 'solid-state batteries'. They no longer have a liquid core, as is the case with today's batteries, but ...


3D Internal Structure of Rechargeable Batteries Revealed

Researchers have pioneered a technique to observe the 3D internal structure of rechargeable batteries. This opens up a wide range of areas for the new technique from energy storage and chemical ...

3D Battery Imaging Reveals the Secret Real-Time Life of Lithium Metal Cells

Innovative battery researchers have cracked the code to creating real-time 3D images of the promising but temperamental lithium metal battery as it cycles. A team has succeeded in observing how the ...

Electric Vehicle Batteries Could Get Big Boost With New Polymer Coating

Scientists have developed a polymer coating that could enable longer lasting, more powerful lithium-ion batteries for electric vehicles. The advance opens up a new approach to developing EV batteries ...

Controlling Electric Double Layer Dynamics for Next Generation All-Solid-State Batteries

Development of all-solid-state batteries is crucial to achieve carbon neutrality. However, their high surface resistance causes these batteries to have low output, limiting their applications. To ...

Extreme Fast Charging Capability in Lithium-Ion Batteries

Lithium-ion batteries dominate among energy storage devices and are the battery of choice for the electric vehicle industry. Improving battery performance is a constant impetus to current research in ...

New Design for Lithium-Air Battery Could Offer Much Longer Driving Range Compared With the Lithium-Ion Battery

Scientists have built and tested for a thousand cycles a lithium-air battery design that could one day be powering cars, domestic airplanes, long-haul trucks and more. Its energy storage capacity ...

Ramping Up Domestic Graphite Production Could Aid the Green Energy Transition

Given the growing importance of graphite in energy storage technologies, a team of esearchers has conducted a study exploring ways to reduce reliance on imports of the in high-demand mineral, which ...

New Technology Turns Smartphones Into RFID Readers, Saving Costs and Reducing Waste

Imagine you can open your fridge, open an app on your phone and immediately know which items are expiring within a few days. This is one of the applications that a new technology would ...

Novel Microscope Developed to Design Better High-Performance Batteries

A research team has developed an operando reflection interference microscope (RIM) that provides a better understanding of how batteries work, which has significant implications for the next ...

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