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June 29, 2023

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Emulating How Krill Swim to Build a Robotic Platform for Ocean Navigation

Researchers have presented important first steps in building underwater navigation ...

Researchers Make a Quantum Computing Leap With a Magnetic Twist

科学家和工程师们已经宣布有ant advancement in developing fault-tolerant qubits for quantum computing. In a pair of articles, they report that, in experiments with flakes of semiconductor materials -- each only a single layer of atoms thick -- they detected signatures of ...

Chemists Are on the Hunt for the Other 99 Percent

Scientists are creating new ways to learn more about the vast sea of unknown ...

Researchers Use Ultrasound to Control Orientation of Small Particles

Acoustic waves may be able to control how particles sort themselves. While researchers have been able to separate particles based on their shape -- for example, bacteria from other cells -- for years, the ability to control their movement has remained a largely unsolved problem, until now. Using ...

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'Electronic Skin' from Bio-Friendly Materials Can Track Human Vital Signs With Ultrahigh Precision

Researchers have used materials inspired by molecular gastronomy to create smart wearables that surpassed similar devices in terms of strain sensitivity. They integrated graphene into seaweed to ...

Electrochemical Device Captures Carbon Dioxide at the Flick of a Switch

New carbon capture technology can generate a continuous, high-purity carbon dioxide stream from diluted, or low-concentration, gas streams using only electricity and a water-and-oxygen-based ...

Inside-out Heating and Ambient Wind Could Make Direct Air Capture Cheaper and More Efficient

Chemical engineers use coated carbon fibers and eliminate steam-based heating in their simpler design, which also can be powered by wind ...

Biodegradable Gel Shows Promise for Cartilage Regeneration

A gel that combines both stiffness and toughness is a step forward in the bid to create biodegradable implants for joint injuries, according to new research. Mimicking articular cartilage, found in ...

Vastly More Sustainable, Cost-Effective Method to Desalinate Industrial Wastewater

Engineers are developing a cutting-edge process that can reduce energy consumption and cost of water ...

The Art and Science of Living-Like Architecture

Collaborators have created 'living-like' bioactive interior architecture designed to one day protect us from hidden airborne threats. This publication establishes that the lab's ...

Helping 'Good' Gut Bacteria and Clearing out the 'Bad' -- All in One Treatment

Probiotics can help maintain a healthy gut microbiome or restore populations of 'good bacteria' after a heavy course of antibiotics. But now, they could also be used as an effective ...

How Tidal Range Electricity Generation Could Meet Future Demand and Storage Problems

Tidal range schemes are financially viable and could lower energy bills say researchers. Research combined a tidal range power generation model with its cost model to demonstrate the viability of ...

A New Tool to Study Complex Genome Interactions

Genome Architecture Mapping captures complex, multi-way interactions in the genome. This is different than the workhorse technique of 3D genomics, which sees mostly two-way contacts, finds a new ...

Engineers Develop a Soft, Printable, Metal-Free Electrode

Engineers developed a metal-free, Jelly-like material that is as soft and tough as biological tissue and can conduct electricity similarly to conventional metals. The new material, which is a type of ...

Energy Harvesting Via Vibrations: Researchers Develop Highly Durable and Efficient Device

An international research group has engineered a new energy-generating device by combining piezoelectric composites with carbon fiber-reinforced polymer (CFRP), a commonly used material that is both ...


A 'Spy' in the Belly

以确保伤口仍然密封在abdomen after surgery, researchers have developed a patch with a sensor function. The polymer patch warns before the occurrence of dangerous leaks ...

A 'Pinch' of Mineral Salts Helps the Noncaloric Sweeteners Go Down

Perfect noncaloric replacements for sugar and high fructose corn syrup just don't exist yet. For example, some alternatives have a lingering sweet aftertaste and lack a sugar-like mouthfeel, ...

Video Games Spark Exciting New Frontier in Neuroscience

Researchers have used an algorithm from a video game to gain insights into the behavior of molecules within live brain cells. Researchers used coding tools to build an algorithm that is now used by ...

Photosynthesis, Key to Life on Earth, Starts With a Single Photon

A cutting-edge experiment has revealed the quantum dynamics of one of nature's most crucial ...

New Technique in Error-Prone Quantum Computing Makes Classical Computers Sweat

Today's quantum computers often calculate the wrong answer because of noisy environments that interfere with the quantum entanglement of qubits. IBM Quantum has pioneered a technique that ...

保护森林,保护Deep Soil from Warming

An innovative, decade-long experiment in the foothills of California's Sierra Nevada mountains shows carbon stocks buried deep underground are vulnerable to climate change. The findings have ...

Researchers Describe the Melting of Gold Nanoparticles in Gold-Bearing Fluids in the Earth's Crust

Gold is a precious metal that has always fascinated humans. From Priam's Treasure to the legend of El Dorado, gold --regarded as the noblest of metals-- has been a symbol of splendour and wealth ...

New Model Offers a Way to Speed Up Drug Discovery

A model known as ConPLex can predict whether potential drug molecules will interact with specific protein targets, without having to perform the computationally intensive calculation of the ...

Sustainable Technique to Manufacture Chemicals

A newly published study details a novel mechanochemistry method that can produce chemicals using less energy and without the use of solvents that produce toxic ...

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