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July 8, 2023

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Weeks Later, Potentially Harmful Chemicals Lingered in Homes Affected by Marshall Fire

In the wake of Colorado's devastating Marshall Fire, a team of chemists and engineers undertook a first-of-its-kind study to explore homes that survived the blaze. Their results reveal the potential health hazards that wildfires can leave behind in ...

Climate-Friendly Air Conditioning Inspired by Termites

The climate control used by termites in their mounds could inspire tomorrow's climate-smart buildings. New research shows that future buildings inspired by the termites could achieve the same effect as traditional climate control, but with greater energy efficiency and without its carbon dioxide ...

Fast, Automated, Affordable Test for Cement Durability

Engineers have developed a new test that can predict the durability of cement in seconds to minutes -- rather than the hours it takes using current methods. The test measures the behavior of water droplets on cement surfaces using computer vision on a device that costs less than $200. The ...

The Looming 840,000 Ton Waste Problem That Isn't Single-Use Plastics

Researchers have developed new methods to solve a major source of future waste from the automotive, aerospace and renewable ...

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Upcycling Method Turns Textile Trash to Functional Coatings

In an effort to make textiles more sustainable, a new method allows researchers to break old clothing down chemically and reuse polyester compounds to create fire resistant, anti-bacterial or ...

Better Understanding Soft Material Behavior

The mechanics behind the collapse of soft materials structure have befuddled researchers for decades. In a new study, researchers uncover a metric that finally correlates microscopic-level processes ...

Deep-Learning System Explores Materials' Interiors from the Outside

A machine-learning method detects internal structures, voids, and cracks inside a material, based on data about the material's ...

AI System Can Generate Novel Proteins That Meet Structural Design Targets

A new machine-learning system can generate protein designs with certain structural features, and which do not exist in nature. These proteins could be utilized to make materials that have similar ...

Stab-Resistant Fabric Gains Strength from Carbon Nanotubes, Polyacrylate

Fabrics that resist knife cuts can help prevent injuries and save lives. But a sharp enough knife or a very forceful jab can get through some of these materials. Now, researchers report that carbon ...

Researchers Develop Carbon-Negative Concrete

A viable formula for a carbon-negative, environmentally friendly concrete that is nearly as strong as regular concrete has been developed. In a proof-of-concept work, the researchers infused ...

Using Machine Learning to Find Reliable and Low-Cost Solar Cells

Hybrid perovskites are organic-inorganic molecules that have received a lot of attention over the past 10 years for their potential use in renewable energy. Some are comparable in efficiency to ...

Researchers Successfully Establish a Strong Mechanical Bond of Immiscible Iron and Magnesium

Transport relies heavily on steel. But steel is heavy, and scientists are turning to alternatives to lessen the transportation industry's carbon emissions. Magnesium alloys are one such ...

Civil Engineers Use Public Satellite Images to Study Why the Jagersfontein Dam Failed

Study by civil engineers finds that the history of the Jagersfontein dam deviates from best engineering ...

Strong Ultralight Material Could Aid Energy Storage, Carbon Capture

Materials scientists showed that fine-tuning interlayer interactions in a class of 2D polymers can determine the materials' loss or retention of desirable mechanical properties in multilayer or ...

New Additives Could Turn Concrete Into an Effective Carbon Sink

Introducing additives to concrete manufacturing processes could reduce the sizeable carbon footprint of the material without altering its bulk mechanical properties, a study ...


Eco-Efficient Cement Could Pave the Way to a Greener Future

Scientists develop process to remove toxic heavy metals from coal fly ash, making for greener, stronger ...

Colorful Films Could Help Buildings, Cars Keep Their Cool

The cold blast of an air conditioner can be a relief as temperatures soar, but 'A/C' units require large amounts of energy and can leak greenhouse gases. Today, scientists report an ...

What Really Matters in Multi-Story Building Design?

The impact of multi-story building design considerations on embodied carbon emissions, cost, and operational energy has been ...

Simulated Terrible Drivers Cut the Time and Cost of AV Testing by a Factor of One Thousand

The push toward truly autonomous vehicles has been hindered by the cost and time associated with safety testing, but a new system shows that artificial intelligence can reduce the testing miles ...

Cracking the Concrete Code

New research introduces metamaterial concrete for the development of smart civil infrastructure systems. Researchers present a new concept for lightweight and mechanically-tunable concrete systems ...

Bushfire Safe Rooms May Save Lives

Researchers have built and tested a bushfire safe room that exceeds current Australian standards and could keep people alive or protect valuables when evacuation is no longer an ...

'Talking' Concrete Could Help Prevent Traffic Jams and Cut Carbon Emissions

An increasing number of U.S. interstates are set to try out an invention that could save millions of taxpayer dollars and significantly reduce traffic delays. The invention, a sensor that allows ...

Scientists Develop a 'Cosmic Concrete' That Is Twice as Strong as Regular Concrete

Scientists have created a new material, dubbed 'StarCrete' which is made from extra-terrestrial dust, potato starch, and a pinch of salt and could be used to build homes on ...

Notre-Dame De Paris Cathedral Was Historical First in Using Iron Reinforcements in the 12th Century

The Notre-Dame de Paris is the first known cathedral of Gothic-style architecture to be initially constructed with extensive use of iron to bind stones together. The 2019 fire that significantly ...

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