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June 29, 2023

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Novel Metal-Organic Framework Could Help Advance Semiconductors

Researchers have developed a novel two-dimensional electrically conductive metal-organic framework (MOF) that has 10- to 15-times higher conductivity than the parent MOF that lacks such efficient out-of-plane ...

Nanophotonics: Coupling Light and Matter

Researchers have developed a metasurface that enables strong coupling effects between light and transition metal dichalcogenides ...

Breakthrough Innovation Could Solve Temperature Issues for Source-Gated Transistors and Lead to Low-Cost, Flexible Displays

Low-cost, flexible displays that use very little energy could be a step closer, thanks to an innovation that solves a problem that has plagued source-gated transistors ...

Combining Twistronics With Spintronics Could Be the Next Giant Leap in Quantum Electronics

Quantum researchers twist double bilayers of an antiferromagnet to demonstrate tunable moiré ...

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'Electronic Skin' from Bio-Friendly Materials Can Track Human Vital Signs With Ultrahigh Precision

Researchers have used materials inspired by molecular gastronomy to create smart wearables that surpassed similar devices in terms of strain sensitivity. They integrated graphene into seaweed to ...

Forging a Dream Material With Semiconductor Quantum Dots

Researchers have succeeded in creating a 'superlattice' of semiconductor quantum dots that can behave like a metal, potentially imparting exciting new properties to this popular class of ...

Snapshots of Photoinjection

Ultrafast laser physicists from the attoworld team have gained new insights into the dynamics of electrons in solids immediately after ...

Electronic Noses Sniff out Volatile Organic Compounds

Tracing volatile organic compounds is important for public safety and all 'smell' related issues. To this end, researchers introduce a fluid mechanics-based chamber design for an electronic ...

Novel 3D Printing Method a 'Game Changer' for Discovery, Manufacturing of New Materials

Researchers have created a novel 3D printing method that produces materials in ways that conventional manufacturing can't ...

Milk Reaction Inspires New Way to Make Highly Conductive Gel Films

一个研究小组已经开发了他们所说的一个“dip-and-peel' strategy for simple and rapid fabrication of two-dimensional ionogel membranes. By dipping sustainable biomass materials in ...

With New Experimental Method, Researchers Probe Spin Structure in 2D Materials for First Time

In the study, a team of researchers describe what they believe to be the first measurement showing direct interaction between electrons spinning in a 2D material and photons coming from microwave ...

Engineers 'Grow' Atomically Thin Transistors on Top of Computer Chips

A new method enables 2D-material semiconductor transistors to be directly integrated onto a fully fabricated 8-inch silicon wafer, which could enable a new generation of transistor technology, denser ...

A Transistor Made of Wood

Researchers have developed the first transistor made of wood. Their study paves the way for further development of wood-based electronics and control of electronic ...

Tunneling Electrons

By superimposing two laser fields of different strengths and frequency, the electron emission of metals can be measured and controlled precisely to a few attoseconds. Physicists have shown that this ...

便宜的方法使Displ编织ays and Smart Fabrics -- Of Any Size or Shape

Researchers have developed next-generation smart textiles -- incorporating LEDs, sensors, energy harvesting, and storage -- that can be produced inexpensively, in any shape or size, using the same ...


Informed by Mechanics and Computation, Flexible Bioelectronics Can Better Conform to a Curvy Body

Today, foldable phones are ubiquitous. Now, using models that predict how well a flexible electronic device will conform to spherical surfaces, engineers could usher in a new era in which these bendy ...

New Findings Pave the Way for Stable Organic Solar Cells That May Enable Cheap and Renewable Electricity Generation

Organic solar cells show great promise for clean energy applications. However, photovoltaic modules made from organic semiconductors do not maintain their efficiency for long enough under sunlight ...

A Team Creates 'Quantum Composites' for Various Electrical and Optical Innovations

A team has shown in the laboratory the unique and practical function of newly created materials, which they called quantum composites, that may advance electrical, optical, and computer ...

Now You Can Be Comfortable in Your E-Skin

Researchers have designed a cellulose nanofiber paper (nanopaper) that can be used as a substrate for on-skin electronics. The porous structure of the nanopaper means that it can conform and adhere ...

Graphene 'Tattoo' Treats Cardiac Arrhythmia With Light

Researchers have developed the first cardiac implant made from graphene, a two-dimensional super material with ultra-strong, lightweight and conductive properties. Similar in appearance to a ...

Physicists Discover Transformable Nano-Scale Electronic Devices

The nano-scale electronic parts in devices like smartphones are solid, static objects that once designed and built cannot transform into anything else. But physicists have reported the discovery of ...

Backscattering Protection in Integrated Photonics Is Impossible With Existing Technologies

Researchers raise fundamental questions about the proposed value of topological protection against backscattering in integrated ...

Fully Recyclable Printed Electronics Ditch Toxic Chemicals for Water

Engineers have produced fully recyclable printed electronics that replace the use of chemicals with water in the fabrication process. By bypassing the need for hazardous chemicals, the demonstration ...

Solid-State Lithium-Sulfur Batteries: Neutrons Unveil Sluggish Charge Transport

Solid-state Lithium-Sulfur batteries offer the potential for much higher energy densities and increased safety, compared to conventional lithium-ion batteries. However, the performance of solid-state ...

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