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June 29, 2023

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Neutrons Look Inside Working Solid-State Battery to Discover Its Key to Success

Researchers have used neutron reflectometry to peer inside a working solid-state battery and monitor its electrochemistry. They discovered that its excellent performance results from an extremely thin layer, across which charged lithium atoms ...

Don't Wait, Desalinate: A New Approach to Water Purification

A water purification system separates out salt and other unnecessary particles with an electrified version of dialysis. Successfully applied to wastewater with planned expansion into rivers and seas, the method saves money and saps 90% less energy than its ...

Towards Efficient Lithium--Air Batteries With Solution Plasma-Based Synthesis of Perovskite Hydroxide Catalysts

CoSn(OH)6 (CSO) is an effective oxygen evolution reaction (OER) catalyst, necessary for developing next-generation lithium -- air batteries. However, current methods of synthesizing CSO are complicated and slow. Recently, an international research ...

钙钛矿太阳能电池电力有限公司创造新纪录nversion Efficiency

Perovskite solar cells have attained now attained the extremely high efficiency rate of 24.35% with an active area of 1 cm2. This ground-breaking achievement in maximizing power generation from next-generation renewable energy sources will be crucial to securing the world's energy ...

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Electrochemical Device Captures Carbon Dioxide at the Flick of a Switch

New carbon capture technology can generate a continuous, high-purity carbon dioxide stream from diluted, or low-concentration, gas streams using only electricity and a water-and-oxygen-based ...

Megawatt Electrical Motor Designed by Engineers Could Help Electrify Aviation

Aerospace engineers designed a 1-megawatt electrical motor that is a stepping stone toward electrifying the largest ...

More Complex Than Expected: Catalysis Under the Microscope

Usually, catalytic reactions are analyzed by checking which chemicals go into a chemical reactor and which come out. But as it turns out, in order to properly understand and optimize catalysts, much ...

The Problems With Coal Ash Start Smaller Than Anyone Thought

Burning coal doesn't only pollute the air. The resulting ash can leach toxic chemicals into the local environments where it's kept. New research shows that the toxicity of various ash ...

Unveiling the Nanoscale Frontier: Innovating With Nanoporous Model Electrodes

Researchers have introduced a next-generation model membrane electrode that promises to revolutionize fundamental electrochemical ...

Metal Shortage Could Put the Brakes on Electrification

As more and more electric cars are traveling on the roads of Europe, this is leading to an increase in the use of the critical metals required for components such as electric motors and electronics. ...

New Catalyst Lowers Cost for Producing Environmentally Sustainable Hydrogen from Water

A team has developed a new catalyst composed of elements abundant in the Earth. It could make possible the low-cost and energy-efficient production of hydrogen for use in transportation and ...

The Next Generation of Solar Energy Collectors Could Be Rocks

The next generation of sustainable energy technology might be built from some low-tech materials: rocks and the sun. Using a new approach known as concentrated solar power, heat from the sun is ...

隐藏在普通的场景:挡风玻璃清洗液an Unexpected Emission Source

Exhaust fumes probably come to mind when considering vehicle emissions, but they aren't the only source of pollutants released by a daily commute. Researchers report that alcohols in windshield ...

Hydrogen Battery: Storing Hydrogen in Coal May Help Power Clean Energy Economy

The quest to develop hydrogen as a clean energy source that could curb our dependence on fossil fuels may lead to an unexpected place -- coal. Scientists have found that coal may represent a ...

Calcium Rechargeable Battery With Long Cycle Life

With the use of electric vehicles and grid-scale energy storage systems on the rise, the need to explore alternatives to lithium-ion batteries has never been greater. Researchers have recently ...


Flexing Crystalline Structures Provide Path to a Solid Energy Future

Researchers have uncovered the atomic mechanisms that make a class of compounds called argyrodites attractive candidates for both solid-state battery electrolytes and thermoelectric energy ...

Researchers Examine Cooling Power Plants With Brackish Groundwater

Nontraditional water sources can be deployed to help cope with climate-induced water risks and tackle the increasing water demand for decarbonization of fossil fuel-fired power plants, but that could ...

Effects of Crypto Mining on Texas Power Grid

Scientists are working to understand how cryptocurrency mining impacts the power grid and how to use this information for further research, education and ...

New Supply Chain Model to Empower Seabound Hydrogen Economy

A team of researchers has created a new supply chain model which could empower the international hydrogen renewable energy ...

Demystifying Vortex Rings in Nuclear Fusion, Supernovae

Better understanding the formation of swirling, ring-shaped disturbances -- known as vortex rings -- could help nuclear fusion researchers compress fuel more efficiently, bringing it closer to ...

Driving on Sunshine: Clean, Usable Liquid Fuels Made from Solar Power

Researchers have developed a solar-powered technology that converts carbon dioxide and water into liquid fuels that can be added directly to a car's engine as drop-in ...

An Electric Vehicle Battery for All Seasons

Scientists have developed a fluorine-containing electrolyte for lithium-ion batteries whose charging performance remains high in frigid regions and seasons. They also determined why it is so ...

Scientists Reveal Breakthrough That Could Lead to Cleaner Hydrogen Energy

Chemists have taken a big step toward splitting hydrogen and oxygen molecules to make pure hydrogen -- without using fossil fuels. Results from pulse radiolysis experiments have laid bare the ...

New Priming Method Improves Battery Life, Efficiency

Engineers have developed a readily scalable method to optimize a silicon anode priming method that increases lithium-ion battery performance by 22% to ...

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