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July 4, 2023

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Chemists Discover Why Photosynthetic Light-Harvesting Is So Efficient

Chemists have measured the energy transfer between photosynthetic light-harvesting proteins. They discovered that the disorganized arrangement of light-harvesting proteins boosts the efficiency of the energy ...

Limiting Loss in Leaky Fibers

Scientists have developed a mathematical model to explain how antiresonant hollow-core fibers guide light in a way that keeps data loss ultra-low. Until now, scientists had no complete explanation for this well-observed ...

Displays Controlled by Flexible Fins and Liquid Droplets More Versatile, Efficient Than LED Screens

Flexible displays that can change color, convey information and even send veiled messages via infrared radiation are now possible, thanks to new research. Engineers inspired by the morphing skins of animals like chameleons and octopuses have ...

New Single-Photon Raman Lidar Can Monitor for Underwater Oil Leaks

Researchers report a new single-photon Raman lidar system that operates underwater and can remotely distinguish various substances. They also show that the new system can detect the thickness of the oil underwater up to 12 m away, which could be useful for detecting oil ...

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Photosynthesis, Key to Life on Earth, Starts With a Single Photon

A cutting-edge experiment has revealed the quantum dynamics of one of nature's most crucial ...

New Material Transforms Light, Creating New Possibilities for Sensors

A new class of materials that can absorb low energy light and transform it into higher energy light might lead to more efficient solar panels, more accurate medical imaging and better night vision ...

Researchers Demonstrate Noise-Free Communication With Structured Light

Scientists used a new invariant property of vectorial light to encode information. This quantity, which the team call 'vectorness', scales from 0 to 1 and remains unchanged when passing ...

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall... Now We Know There Are Chiral Phonons for Sure

New findings settle the dispute: phonons can be chiral. This fundamental concept, discovered using circular X-ray light, sees phonons twisting like a corkscrew through ...

Researchers Demonstrate Secure Information Transfer Using Spatial Correlations in Quantum Entangled Beams of Light

Researchers have demonstrated the principle of using spatial correlations in quantum entangled beams of light to encode information and enable its secure ...

Buckle Up! A New Class of Materials Is Here

Would you rather run into a brick wall or into a mattress? For most people, the choice is not difficult. A brick wall is stiff and does not absorb shocks or vibrations well; a mattress is soft and is ...

Flat Fullerene Fragments Attractive to Electrons

Researchers have gained new insights into the unique chemical properties of spherical molecules composed entirely of carbon atoms, called fullerenes. They did it by making flat fragments of the ...

The 'Breath' Between Atoms -- A New Building Block for Quantum Technology

Researchers have discovered they can detect atomic 'breathing,' or the mechanical vibration between two layers of atoms, by observing the type of light those atoms emitted when stimulated ...

X-Rays Visualize How One of Nature's Strongest Bonds Breaks

The use of short flashes of X-ray light brings scientists one big step closer toward developing better catalysts to transform the greenhouse gas methane into a less harmful chemical. The result ...

World's Fastest Electron Microscope

Researchers have succeeded in filming the interactions of light and matter in an electron microscope with attosecond time ...

A Nanocrystal Shines on and Off Indefinitely

Optical probes have led to numerous breakthroughs in applications like optical memory, nanopatterning, and bioimaging, but existing options have limited lifespans and will eventually ...


Under Pressure: Foundations of Stellar Physics and Nuclear Fusion Investigated

Research using the world's most energetic laser has shed light on the properties of highly compressed matter -- essential to understanding the structure of giant planets and stars, and to ...

Symmetry Breaking by Ultrashort Light Pulses Opens New Quantum Pathways for Coherent Phonons

研究人员演示了一个新颖的概念exciting and probing coherent phonons in crystals of a transiently broken symmetry. The key of this concept lies in reducing the symmetry of a ...

Source-Shifting Metastructures Composed of Only One Resin for Location Camouflaging

Acoustic source-shifters make observers mis-perceive the location of sound by reproducing a sound emanating from a location different from the actual location of a sound source. Researchers have now ...

An Algorithm for Sharper Protein Films

Proteins are biological molecules that perform almost all biochemical tasks in all forms of life. In doing so, the tiny structures perform ultra-fast movements. In order to investigate these dynamic ...

Biological Specimens Imaged With X-Rays Without Damage

Scientists have managed to image delicate biological structures without damaging them. Their new technique generates high resolution X-ray images of dried biological material that has not been ...

Fastest Industry Standard Optical Fiber

An optical fiber about the thickness of a human hair can now carry the equivalent of more than 10 million fast home internet connections running at full ...

Absolute Vs. Relative Efficiency: How Efficient Are Blue LEDs, Actually?

The absolute internal quantum efficiency (IQE) of indium gallium nitride (InGaN) based blue light-emitting diodes (LEDs) at low temperatures is often assumed to be 100%. However, a new study has ...

Emergence of Solvated Dielectrons Observed for the First Time

Scientists generate low-energy electrons using ultraviolet ...

Twisting Under the Stroboscope -- Controlling Crystal Lattices of Hybrid Solar Cell Materials With Terahertz Light

To overcome global energy challenges and fight the looming environmental crisis, researchers around the world investigate new materials for converting sunlight into electricity. Some of the most ...

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