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June 29, 2023

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Novel Metal-Organic Framework Could Help Advance Semiconductors

Researchers have developed a novel two-dimensional electrically conductive metal-organic framework (MOF) that has 10- to 15-times higher conductivity than the parent MOF that lacks such efficient out-of-plane ...

Innovative Paper-Like, Battery-Free, AI-Enabled Sensor for Holistic Wound Monitoring

Scientists have invented a paper-like, battery-free, AI-enabled sensor patch -- PETAL -- for convenient and effective monitoring of wound recovery. This novel technology provides early warning of complications to improve wound care. The paper-like, ...

Nanophotonics: Coupling Light and Matter

Researchers have developed a metasurface that enables strong coupling effects between light and transition metal dichalcogenides ...

Breakthrough Innovation Could Solve Temperature Issues for Source-Gated Transistors and Lead to Low-Cost, Flexible Displays

Low-cost, flexible displays that use very little energy could be a step closer, thanks to an innovation that solves a problem that has plagued source-gated transistors ...

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'Electronic Skin' from Bio-Friendly Materials Can Track Human Vital Signs With Ultrahigh Precision

Researchers have used materials inspired by molecular gastronomy to create smart wearables that surpassed similar devices in terms of strain sensitivity. They integrated graphene into seaweed to ...

Breakthrough: Scientists Develop Artificial Molecules That Behave Like Real Ones

Scientists have developed synthetic molecules that resemble real organic molecules. A collaboration of researcher can now simulate the behavior of real molecules by using artificial ...

New Study Could Help Unlock 'Game-Changing' Batteries for Electric Vehicles and Aviation

Researchers have revealed the mechanisms that cause lithium metal solid-state batteries to fail. The new insights could help overcome the technical issues with solid-state batteries, unlocking a ...

'Heat Highways' Could Keep Electronics Cool

As smart electronic devices become smaller and more powerful, they can generate a lot of heat, leading to slower processing times and sudden shutdowns. Now researchers use an electrospinning approach ...

New Superconducting Diode Could Improve Performance of Quantum Computers and Artificial Intelligence

A team has developed a more energy-efficient, tunable superconducting diode -- a promising component for future electronic devices -- that could help scale up quantum computers for industry and ...

Understanding the Tantalizing Benefits of Tantalum for Improved Quantum Processors

Researchers working to improve the performance of superconducting qubits, the foundation of quantum computers, have been experimenting using different base materials in an effort to increase the ...

Flexible Nanoelectrodes Can Provide Fine-Grained Brain Stimulation

Engineers have developed ultraflexible implantable nanoelectrodes that can administer long-term, fine-grained brain ...

Forging a Dream Material With Semiconductor Quantum Dots

Researchers have succeeded in creating a 'superlattice' of semiconductor quantum dots that can behave like a metal, potentially imparting exciting new properties to this popular class of ...

Twisting Under the Stroboscope -- Controlling Crystal Lattices of Hybrid Solar Cell Materials With Terahertz Light

为了克服全球能源挑战和对抗looming environmental crisis, researchers around the world investigate new materials for converting sunlight into electricity. Some of the most ...

The Metaverse Can Lead to Better Science

One researcher says we should look beyond the hype to see how virtual reality can make scientists more effective. But to realize the benefits, researchers must also plan well and avoid potential ...

Breakthrough in Computer Chip Energy Efficiency Could Cut Data Center Electricity Use

Researchers have made a breakthrough toward reducing the energy consumption of the photonic chips used in data centers and ...


Electronic Noses Sniff out Volatile Organic Compounds

Tracing volatile organic compounds is important for public safety and all 'smell' related issues. To this end, researchers introduce a fluid mechanics-based chamber design for an electronic ...

A Giant Leap Forward in Wireless Ultrasound Monitoring for Subjects in Motion

Engineers have developed the first fully integrated wearable ultrasound system for deep-tissue monitoring, including for subjects on the ...

With New Experimental Method, Researchers Probe Spin Structure in 2D Materials for First Time

In the study, a team of researchers describe what they believe to be the first measurement showing direct interaction between electrons spinning in a 2D material and photons coming from microwave ...

Leaky-Wave Metasurfaces: A Perfect Interface Between Free-Space and Integrated Optical Systems

Researchers have developed a new class of integrated photonic devices -- 'leaky-wave metasurfaces' -- that convert light initially confined in an optical waveguide to an arbitrary optical ...

Quantum Computer in Reverse Gear

Large numbers can only be factorized with a great deal of computational effort. Physicists are now providing a blueprint for a new type of quantum computer to solve the factorization problem, which ...

Engineers Tap Into Good Vibrations to Power the Internet of Things

In a world hungry for clean energy, engineers have created a new material that converts the simple mechanical vibrations all around us into electricity to power sensors in everything from pacemakers ...

深层神经网络提供了Robust Detection of Disease Biomarkers in Real Time

A lab has developed a deep neural network that improves the accuracy of their unique devices for detecting pathogen ...

A Touch-Responsive Fabric Armband -- For Flexible Keyboards, Wearable Sketchpads

It's time to roll up your sleeves for the next advance in wearable technology -- a fabric armband that's actually a touch pad. Researchers say they have devised a way to make playing video ...

Joyful Music Could Be a Game Changer for Virtual Reality Headaches

听音乐可以减少头晕、nauticasea and headaches virtual reality users might experience after using digital devices, research suggests. Cybersickness -- a type of motion sickness ...

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