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June 29, 2023

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Scientists Discover How Mutations in a Language Gene Produce Speech Deficits

Researchers find mutations of the Foxp2 gene disrupt the formation of synapses in the brain's striatum, which plays important roles in the control of movement, in mice. A new study sheds light on how Foxp2 controls speech ...

Immune System Sculpts Rat Brains During Development

Researchers have identified the mechanism for why and how one brain region differs in size between male and female rats. The study found that immune system cells in the brains of females consume and digest neurons to sculp a region of the brain during development and that later affects behavioral ...

How Long-Lasting Memories Form in the Brain

Helping your mother make pancakes when you were three...riding your bike without training wheels...your first romantic kiss: How do we retain vivid memories of long-ago ...

Will Future Computers Run on Human Brain Cells?

A 'biocomputer' powered by human brain cells could be developed within our lifetime, according to researchers who expect such technology to exponentially expand the capabilities of modern computing and create novel fields of ...

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The Far-Reaching Consequences of Child Abuse

Adverse childhood experiences in mothers can affect their children's mental and physical health, as researchers report. The study found that maltreatment during a mother's childhood is ...

Toddlers' Attention to 'Motherese' Speech May Be Used to Diagnose Autism

Toddlers' level of attention to 'motherese' speech can be used as a biomarker for autism spectrum disorder (ASD), according to new research. To measure it, scientists developed a new ...

New Collection of Human Brain Atlases That Chart Postnatal Development

Scientists have created a new collection of month-by-month infant brain atlas (IBA) that capture fine details of the early developing brain across both space and ...

How Huntington's Disease Affects Different Neurons

Neuroscientists find two distinct cell populations in the striatum are affected differently by Huntington's disease. They believe neurodegeneration of one of these populations leads to motor ...

The Link Between Mental Health and ADHD Is Strong -- So Why Aren't We Paying Attention?

On Blue Monday -- supposedly the gloomiest day of the year -- a study shows adults with high levels of attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) symptoms are more likely to experience anxiety ...

Females on Average Perform Better Than Males on a 'Theory of Mind' Test Across 57 Countries, New Study Suggests

女性平均比男性在推杆ing themselves in others' shoes and imagining what the other person is thinking or feeling, suggests a new study of over 300,000 people in 57 ...

Antidepressant Use, Infection During Pregnancy Linked to Neurodevelopmental Changes in Babies, Study Suggests

Antidepressant use during pregnancy may combine with inflammation to heighten the risk of lifelong neurodevelopmental changes in babies' brains, new research ...

Virtual Reality Game to Objectively Detect ADHD

A virtual reality game offers an objective assessment of attention deficit disorders and may lead to an improved therapeutic ...

Socialness Is in the Eye of the Beholder

Although people are generally predisposed to perceive interactions to be social even in unlikely contexts, they don't always agree on exactly which information is social, according to a new ...

Researchers Discover Crucial Role of Brain's Striatum Cilia in Time Perception

Researchers have discovered that removal of cilia from the brain's striatum region impaired time perception and judgment, revealing possible new therapeutic targets for mental and neurological ...

Researchers Discover Genetic Variant Associated With Earlier Onset Childhood Epilepsy

Researchers have discovered a specific genetic variant in SCN1A, the most common genetic epilepsy, that leads to an earlier onset of epilepsy, with clinical features distinct from other epilepsies. ...


Gene That Guides Earliest Social Behaviors Could Be Key to Understanding Autism

A new animal study points to a gene that is important for the earliest development of basic social behaviors. The work also suggests that exposure to certain drugs and environmental risk factors ...

Gene Mutation Leading to Autism Found to Overstimulate Brain Cells

Scientists looking to understand the fundamental brain mechanisms of autism spectrum disorder have found that a gene mutation known to be associated with the disorder causes an overstimulation of ...

Pattern of Gene Activity for ADHD

Researchers have successfully identified differences in gene activity in the brains of people with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). The study found that individuals diagnosed with ...

The Hunt for Disrupted Brain Signals Behind Autism

Part of understanding the underlying causes of autism spectrum disorder relies on figuring out which cells' signaling patterns in the brain are disrupted, and when during nervous system ...

Autism Research: Understanding Reluctance to Make Eye Contact With Others

Using an innovative technology that enables imaging of two individuals during live and natural conditions, researchers have identified specific brain areas in the dorsal parietal region of the brain ...

Adding Sensory Integration to Autism Assessments May Yield More Individualized Treatment

People with autism are often portrayed in popular media as experiencing difficulty processing highly stimulating or overly loud environments. While this is certainly true for many, there can be a ...

Sensitivity to Musical Rhythm Supports Social Development in Infants

有魅力的婴儿提供了一个现成的歌曲means for supporting social development and interaction, according to a new ...

Brain Changes in Autism Are Far More Sweeping Than Previously Known, Study Finds

大脑changes in autism are comprehensive throughout the cerebral cortex rather than just particular areas thought to affect social behavior and language, according to a new study that significantly ...

Study Offers New Insights Into Genetic Mutations in Autism Disorders and Points to Possible Treatments

Findings from a new study are providing further insight into the neurobiological basis of autism spectrum disorders and pointing to possible ...

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