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July 5, 2023

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Fewer Teens Now Perceive Themselves as Overweight -- International Study of More Than 745,000 Adolescents

A study involving more than 745,000 adolescents from 41 countries across Europe and North America identified an increase in the amount of teenagers who underestimate their body ...

Male Babies 'Talk' More in the First Year Than Female Babies Do

Young babies make many squeals, vowel-like sounds, growls, and short word-like sounds such as 'ba' or 'aga.' Those precursors to speech or 'protophones' are later replaced with early words and, eventually, whole phrases and sentences. While some infants are naturally more 'talkative' than others, a ...

Obesity Increases Risk of Mental Disorders Throughout Life

Being obese significantly increases the chances of also developing mental disorders. This applies to all age groups, with women at higher risk than men for most ...

Gender Trumps Politics in Determining People's Ability to Read Others' Minds

Researchers at the University of Bath surveyed over 4,000 people to test social ability and found that being female and educated are some of the best predictors for how well you get on with and understand ...

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Remember Me? Gender, Race May Make You Forgettable

Being a woman or racial minority can help someone stand out and be remembered when few others look like them. But they are more likely to be confused in settings where others share the same ...

How Moms Are Taking the Lead in Shaping Children's Education

A new global study, which takes a gender-sensitive approach, has found that a mother's educational status plays an increasingly important role in shaping their children's educational ...

Greater Gender Equality Helps Both Women and Men Live Longer

The first global study to investigate how gender equality may be associated with life expectancy has found that both women and men live longer as it ...

Separation Leads to Significant but Temporary Gender Differences in Parent-Child Time

Separation leads to a significant but temporary increase in gender inequalities in parent-child time, according to new ...

Men May Not 'Perceive' Domestic Tasks as Needing Doing in the Same Way as Women, Philosophers Argue

By adding a gender dimension to the theory of 'affordance perception' and applying it to the home, a new hypothesis may help answer questions of why women still shoulder most housework, and ...

Cluster Headache May Be More Severe in Women

While cluster headache is more common in men than in women, a new study suggests that the disorder may be more severe for ...

Characters' Actions in Movie Scripts Reflect Gender Stereotypes

Researchers have developed a novel machine-learning framework that uses scene descriptions in movie scripts to automatically recognize different characters' actions. Applying the framework to ...

Some Claim Culture Affects Our Basic Visual Perception

Past research has suggested that people's cultural differences may result in differences in basic visual perception. New research found no evidence that these differences play a significant role ...

Economic Behavior Not Influenced by Gender or Biological Sex, Study Finds

A new study is the first analysis of transgender and cisgender economic behavior, and the first to consider whether sex assigned at birth plays a significant part in economic ...

Adult Children More Likely to Be Estranged from Dad Than Mom, Study Shows

Adult children are over four times more likely to be estranged from their fathers than their mothers, a new long-term national study ...

Subcutaneous Fat Emerges as a Protector of Females' Brains

Females' propensity to deposit more fat in places like their hips, buttocks and the backs of their arms, so-called subcutaneous fat, is protective against brain inflammation, which can result in ...


Managers Exhibiting Bias Based on Race, Gender, Disability and Sexual Orientation

A study that examined bias in the workplace has found that those in management positions demonstrate explicit and implicit bias toward others from marginalized groups and often express more implicit ...

Parents Talk More to Toddlers Who Talk Back

Hummus. Chewbacca. Belly button. These are just a few of the thousands of words scientists painstakingly decoded from over 2,100 hours of recorded conversations to determine if the amount of language ...

Fear of Professional Backlash May Keep Women from Speaking Up at Academic Conferences, Study Suggests

Women are less likely to ask questions during question-and-answer sessions at academic conferences. Research suggests that this may be due to anxiety about how colleagues will receive their ...

Online Gaming Enhances Career Prospects and Develops Soft Skills, Finds New Study

Online gaming behavior can encourage gamers to gain a variety of soft skills which could assist them with training to support their career aspirations, according to new ...

Mom's Dietary Fat Rewires Male and Female Brains Differently

New findings in mice show that excessive weight gain while pregnant tips the scales for male but not female mice to be more depressed in adulthood due to less brain serotonin. A similar result was ...

Higher Sense of Purpose in Life May Be Linked to Lower Mortality Risk, Study Finds

A new study finds that people with higher levels of purpose may have a lower risk of death from any cause, and that this association is applicable across race/ethnicity and gender. The study results ...

Researchers Offer Roadmap for Identifying New Neuroprotective Treatments by Leveraging Sex Differences

Sex differences in the aging brain may offer an enticing clue for developing more effective neuroprotective treatments, according to a new research ...

Investigators Shed New Light on Brain Activity Related to Dissociative Symptoms

In a study of nearly 100 women, participants with certain dissociative symptoms had increased connections within some brain networks and decreased connections within others. The new findings shed ...

Male and Female Travelers' 'Transformations'

A new study has revealed men and women experience change while travelling in similar ways. Consumers are increasingly seeking activities that help them achieve new levels of enrichment and since the ...

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