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June 29, 2023

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Research Shows Why Some Children May Be Slower to Learn Words

A new study investigates where toddlers look when they learn new words. It finds that children with larger vocabularies looked quickly towards objects when learning new words. Meanwhile, children who knew fewer words looked back and forth between objects and took more time. The research team say ...

Not Every Reader's Struggle Is the Same

Neuroscientists find that brain signatures of reading difficulties in students from lower socioeconomic backgrounds are, on average, different from those of students from higher socioeconomic backgrounds who struggle with ...

How Left Brain Asymmetry Is Related to Reading Ability

Researchers report that two seemingly opposing theories of language processing are both correct. The study shows that greater left-brain asymmetry can predict both better performance and average performance on a foundational measure of reading ability, depending on whether analysis is conducted ...

Rare African Script Offers Clues to the Evolution of Writing

Writing evolves to become simpler and more efficient, according to a new study based on the analysis of an isolated West African writing ...

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In-Person Learning Helped Narrow Reading Gaps During Pandemic

A study has found that although there were steep learning losses in reading for elementary school students during the COVID-19 pandemic, in-person learning opportunities helped some of those students ...

Automatic Text Simplification: Efficacy in the Foreign Language Classroom

Texts used in second language (L2) classrooms have traditionally been simplified manually. With recent technological advances, text can be simplified automatically through artificial ...

Whole-Body Learning Can Boost Children's Letter Sound Recognition -- The First Step Toward Reading

Children who move while learning sounds of letters significantly improve their ability to recognize individual letter ...

Girls' Chance of Success at School in Sub-Saharan Africa Shaped by Language They Are Taught in

A new report argues that efforts to increase girls' participation in education in different parts of Africa should assess the detrimental effect teaching in English is having on ...

Even in a Virtual Classroom, Preschoolers Can Gain Reading Skills

A new study finds that children can develop key reading skills in a virtual classroom with other ...

Early English Lessons Have Lasting Effects

An earlier study had raised doubts about the effectiveness of learning English in the first grade. Now, researchers have observed that it improves language performance over an extended period of ...

This Is How We Understand Emoji

Even when emoji are used to substitute for words, we still understand the sentence. But how does that work? Do we interpret an emoji primarily as an image or as a word? To find out, a research team ...

Students Who Self-Identify as Multilingual Perform Better in Exams

Young people who consider themselves 'multilingual' tend to perform better across a wide range of subjects at school, regardless of whether they are actually fluent in another language, new ...

Income Inequality Can Harm Children’s Achievement in Maths – but Not Reading, 27-Year Study Suggests

Inequalities in income affect how well children do in maths -- but not reading, the most comprehensive study of its kind has ...

Handwriting Beats Typing and Watching Videos for Learning to Read

Though writing by hand is increasingly being eclipsed by the ease of computers, a new study finds we shouldn't be so quick to throw away the pencils and paper: handwriting helps people learn ...

Combination of Early Reading Programs Helps With Kindergarten Readiness

A new study shows the combination of two early reading programs had positive effects on preschool students entering ...


Do School-Based Interventions Help Improve Reading and Math in at-Risk Children?

School-based interventions that target students with, or at risk of, academic difficulties in kindergarten to grade 6 have positive effects on reading and mathematics, according to a new ...

New Model to Help Identify Risk Factors for Reading Difficulties in Children

Researchers have developed a model to help identify risk factors for reading difficulties in children before kindergarten ...

Picking Up a Book for Fun Positively Affects Verbal Abilities

A new study shows that the more people read any kind of fiction the better their language skills are likely to be. Researchers found that people who enjoyed reading fiction for leisure and who ...

Internet-Access Spending Improves Academic Outcomes, According to Study of Texas Public Schools

Increased internet-access spending by Texas public schools improved academic performance but also led to more disciplinary problems among students, a study of 9,000 schools ...

Read to Succeed -- In Math; Study Shows How Reading Skill Shapes More Than Just Reading

These findings clearly demonstrate how the cooperative areas of the brain responsible for reading skill are also at work during apparently unrelated activities, such as multiplication, suggest that ...

'Explicit Instruction' Provides Dramatic Benefits in Learning to Read

When it comes to learning to read, new research suggests that explicit instruction -- a phonics teaching method in which the relationship between sound and spelling is taught directly and ...

Book Helps Identify Risks of Reading Difficulties in Preschoolers

A study expands validation evidence for a new screening tool that directly engages preschool-age children during clinic visits to assess their early literacy skills. The tool has the potential to ...

Preschool Program Linked With Better Social and Emotional Skills Years Later

A preschool enrichment program helps boost social and emotional skills that still have positive effects years later during middle and high school, according to a new ...

Research Unlocks New Information About Reading Through Visual Dictionary in the Brain

The uniquely human ability to read is the cornerstone of modern civilization, yet very little is understood about the effortless ability to derive meaning from written words. Scientists have now ...

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