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June 29, 2023

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How the Brain Processes Numbers -- New Procedure Improves Measurement of Human Brain Activity

Measuring human brain activity down to the cellular level: until now, this has been possible only to a limited extent. With a new approach it will now be much easier. The method relies on microelectrodes along with the support of brain tumor ...

Neural Signature for Borderline Personality Disorder Identified

A new study of a brain region called the rostro-medial prefrontal could potentially advance diagnosis and therapies for Borderline Personality Disorder ...

Chemical Imbalance in the Forebrain Discovered in People With Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder

Scientists have discovered an imbalance between neurochemicals in parts of OCD patients' brains key to decision-making and habit. A similar but less pronounced neurochemical imbalance was also detected in healthy individuals with milder compulsive ...

Poverty Negatively Impacts Structural Wiring in Children's Brains, Study Indicates

A study reveals that household and community poverty may influence brain health in children. Childhood obesity and lower cognitive function may explain, at least partially, poverty's influence on the ...

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Brain Scans Reveal That Lonely People Process the World in Unique Ways

Loneliness is detrimental to well-being and often accompanied by feelings of not being understood by others. A new study found that the brain responses of lonely people differ from those of other ...

Astrocyte Processing of Serotonin Regulates Olfactory Perception

Researchers have uncovered novel aspects of astrocyte function in olfactory, or smell, perception revealing changes in their gene expression patterns that turn these brain cells into a hub of ...

Illusions Are in the Eye, Not the Mind

Numerous visual illusions are caused by limits in the way our eyes and visual neurones work -- rather than more complex psychological processes, new research ...

怀孕激素维修髓鞘损伤in MS Mouse Model

A new study has identified a treatment that could repair myelin in the cortex, undoing some of the damage caused by ...

New Discovery Can Help Detect Brain Tumors

Folate-based radiopharmaceuticals can be used in positron emission tomography (PET) imaging to detect folate receptors in brain tumours. The discovery of folate receptors and their exploitation ...

Video Games Spark Exciting New Frontier in Neuroscience

Researchers have used an algorithm from a video game to gain insights into the behavior of molecules within live brain cells. Researchers used coding tools to build an algorithm that is now used by ...

AI Helps Show How the Brain's Fluids Flow

A new, AI-based technique for measuring fluid flow in the brain could lead to treatments for diseases such as ...

Psychedelic Drugs Reopen 'Critical Periods' for Social Learning

reo神经科学家长期以来一直在寻找方法pen 'critical periods' in the brain, when mammals are more sensitive to signals from their surroundings that can influence periods of brain ...

Biodegradable Ultrasound Opens the Blood-Brain Barrier

A new, biodegradable ultrasound far more powerful than previous devices could make brain cancers more treatable, researchers ...

New Images Capture Unseen Details of the Synapse

Scientists have created one of the most detailed 3D images of the synapse, the important juncture where neurons communicate with each other through an exchange of chemical signals. These nanometer ...

Entrepreneurs' Brains: Researchers Reveal Increased Cognitive Flexibility

In a pioneering study involving serial entrepreneurs and managers, a multidisciplinary research team, combining entrepreneurship researchers and brain specialists, found evidence of increased ...


Serotonin Booster Leads to Increased Functional Brain Connectivity

Cognitive deficits accompany mood disorders and other psychiatric conditions, often with debilitating effects. Limited treatments currently exist, but studies in animals and humans have pointed to ...

Can This Medication Reverse MS? Brain Biomarker Shows It Can

A decade after scientists identified an over-the-counter antihistamine as a treatment for multiple sclerosis, researchers have developed an approach to measure the drug's effectiveness in ...

Researchers Uncover Why Light-to-Moderate Drinking Is Tied to Better Heart Health

A new study offers an explanation for why light-to-moderate alcohol consumption may be associated with lower risk of heart disease. For the first time, researchers found that alcohol, in light to ...

Mouse Models of Adolescent Binge Drinking Reveal Key Long-Lasting Brain Changes

Heavy alcohol consumption may cause permanent dysregulation of neurons, or brain cells, in adolescents, according to a new study in mice. The findings suggest that exposure to binge-levels of alcohol ...

New Research Identifies Cells Linking Chronic Psychological Stress to Inflammatory Bowel Disease

For the first time, cells involved with the communication between stress responses in the brain and inflammation in the gastrointestinal (GI) tract have been identified in animal models. Glial cells, ...

How Chronic Stress Drives the Brain to Crave Comfort Food

Stress can override natural satiety cues to drive more food intake and boost cravings for ...

Long Missions, Frequent Travel Take a Toll on Astronauts' Brains

A study looking at how the human brain reacts to traveling outside Earth's gravity suggests frequent flyers should wait three years after longer missions to allow the physiological changes in ...

A Chance Observation Finds Potential Hearing Biomarker for Alzheimer's Disease

Researchers found where plaques are found in the brain may impact hearing in Alzheimer's ...

Poorly Insulated Nerve Cells Promote Alzheimer's Disease in Old Age

Researchers have shown that defective myelin actively promotes disease-related changes in Alzheimer's ...

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