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June 29, 2023

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Dolphin Ages, Pod Health Revealed With Drone Photographs

Using unoccupied aerial system, or drone, photographs, researchers are now able to determine the age-structure of free-ranging dolphin groups. This work will aid monitoring the health of dolphin populations and inform timely conservation ...

狗的品种可以影响Sensitivit疼痛y, but Not Necessarily the Way Your Vet May Think

Dog breeds differ in pain sensitivity, but these differences don't always match up with the beliefs people -- including veterinarians -- hold about breed-specific pain ...

Dogs and Humans Process Body Postures Similarly in Their Brains

A new study shows that information from body postures plays a similarly important role for dogs as it does for humans. The results offer new insights into how dogs and humans perceive each other and their environment. They confirm that the temporal lobe plays a central role in social communication ...

Humans' Ancestors Survived the Asteroid Impact That Killed the Dinosaurs

A Cretaceous origin for placental mammals, the group that includes humans, dogs and bats, has been revealed by in-depth analysis of the fossil record, showing they co-existed with dinosaurs for a short time before the dinosaurs went ...

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Do Hummingbirds Drink Alcohol? More Often Than You Think

Animals that eat fruit or sip nectar often ingest alcohol because naturally occurring yeasts turning sugar into ethanol. But how do animals feel about that? A new study details an experiment to ...

PFAS Found in Blood of Dogs, Horses Living Near Fayetteville, NC

Researchers detected elevated PFAS levels in the blood of pet dogs and horses from Gray's Creek, N.C. -- including dogs that only drank bottled ...

The Speed of Life: A Zoo of Cells to Study Developmental Time

Researchers have used an unprecedented stem cell zoo to compare six different mammalian species and their developmental ...

When a Rat Smells a Rat

Some animals release chemical pheromones which can trigger behavioral or hormonal changes in other animals. It is known that calm rats can reduce the fear of nearby rats, but the exact mechanism was ...

Cryo Conservation: A Cool Solution to Saving Species from Extinction

In the face of the biodiversity crisis, and alarming data showing a 69% decline in global animal populations since 1970, researchers are banking on a cool solution to help save species from ...

Completing Genome of Rusty Patched Bumble Bee May Offer New Approach to Saving Endangered Bee

A detailed, high-resolution map of the rusty patched bumble bee's genome has been released, offering new approaches for bringing the native pollinator back from the danger of extinction. Putting ...

These Long-Necked Reptiles Were Decapitated by Their Predators, Fossil Evidence Confirms

在恐龙时代,许多海洋爬行动物extremely long necks compared to reptiles today. While it was clearly a successful evolutionary strategy, paleontologists have long suspected that ...

Ants Have a Specialized Communication Processing Center That Has Not Been Found in Other Social Insects

Have you ever noticed an ant in your home, only to find that a week later the whole colony has moved in? The traps you set up catch only a few of these ants, but soon, the rest of the colony has ...

Researchers Find High Risk to Amphibians If Fungal Pathogen Invades North America

New research indicates the fungal pathogen Batrachochytrium salamandrivorans (Bsal) could be devastating to amphibian biodiversity if introduced to North ...

Scientists Investigate the Evolution of Animal Developmental Mechanisms, Show How Some of Earth's Earliest Animals Evolved

Lacking bones, brains, and even a complete gut, the body plans of simple animals like sea anemones appear to have little in common with humans and their vertebrate kin. Nevertheless, new research ...

New Method Traces Ancestry of Hybrid Plants and Animals

Hybrid plants and animals have complicated genomes. A biologist has discovered a way to reveal their parent ...


Skipping Evolution: Some Kangaroos Didn't Hop

Extinct kangaroos used alternative methods to their famous hop according to comprehensive ...

A Short Snout Predisposes Dogs to Sleep Apnea

Researchers tested a new method of diagnosing sleep-disordered breathing in dogs using a neckband developed for human sleep apnea diagnostics. The study revealed that sleep-disordered breathing is ...

Which Came First: The Reptile or the Egg?

The earliest reptiles, birds and mammals may have borne live young, researchers have ...

Ancient Herbivore's Diet Weakened Teeth Leading to Eventual Starvation, Study Suggests

Researchers have shed light on the life of the ancient reptile Rhynchosaur, which walked the earth between 250-225 million years ago, before being replaced by the ...

Gene Therapy Produces Long-Term Contraception in Female Domestic Cats

Researchers have demonstrated that a single dose of anti-Müllerian hormone (AMH) gene therapy can induce long-term contraception in the domestic cat, potentially providing a safe and effective ...

How Studying Feces May Help Us Boost White Rhino Populations

Researchers have identified significant differences in the gut microbiome of female southern white rhinos who are reproducing successfully in captivity, as compared to females who have not reproduced ...

The Other Side of the Story: How Evolution Impacts the Environment

Researchers show that an evolutionary change in the length of lizards' legs can have a significant impact on vegetation growth and spider populations on small islands in the Bahamas. This is one ...

Whales Not to Be Counted on as 'Climate Savers'

Do whales increase the removal of carbon from the atmosphere? Despite some hope that this would be the case, a new study has found the amount of potential carbon capture by whales is too little to ...

Saving Moths May Be Just as Important as Saving the Bees

Night-time pollinators such as moths may visit just as many plants as bees, and should also be the focus of conservation and protection efforts, a new study ...

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