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July 5, 2023

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猩猩可以使两个声音同时,Similar to Human Beatboxing, Study Finds

Orangutans can make two separate sounds simultaneously, much like songbirds or human beatboxers, according to a new ...

Genomes of 233 Primate Species Sequenced

Researchers from 24 countries have analyzed the genomes of 809 individuals from 233 primate species, generating the most complete catalog of genomic information about our closest relatives to date. The project provides new insights into the evolution of primates, including humans, and their ...

Dinosaurs Were the First to Take the Perspectives of Others

Understanding that others hold different viewpoints from your own is essential for human sociality. Adopting another person's visual perspective is a complex skill that emerges around the age of two. A new study suggests that this ability first arose in dinosaurs, at least 60 million years before ...

Most Species, Including Humans, Who Experience Early Life Adversity Suffer as Adults. How Are Gorillas Different?

There's something most species -- from baboons to humans to horses -- have in common: When they suffer serious adversity early in life, they're more likely to experience hardship later on in ...

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Young Chimpanzees and Human Teens Share Risk-Taking Behaviors

Adolescent chimpanzees share some of the same risk-taking behaviors as human teens, but they may be less impulsive than their human counterparts, according to new research. The study gets at age-old ...

Orangutan Communication Sheds Light on Human Speech Origins

Research finds orangutans communicate using a complex repertoire of consonant-like calls, more so than African apes. Previous research has only linked the evolution of human language with the ...

Extinct 'Monkey Lemur' Shows Similarities to Fossil Humans

Analysis of teeth of extinct lemurs has revealed fascinating clues to the evolution of humans, a new study has ...

Human Evolution Wasn't Just the Sheet Music, but How It Was Played

A team of researchers has identified a group of human DNA sequences driving changes in brain development, digestion and immunity that seem to have evolved rapidly after our family line split from ...

Evidence for Intentional Communication in Female Putty-Nosed Monkeys

Female putty-nosed monkeys deliberately use alarm calls to recruit males to defend the group. This is the conclusion reached by evolutionary biologists after conducting observations in the Republic ...

Showing Off: Wild Chimpanzees Show Others Objects Simply to Share Attention

Researchers have captured footage of a chimpanzee encouraging her mother to join her in looking at a leaf. The discovery suggests that in certain social conditions, wild chimpanzees can share ...

Differences Between Brains of Primates Are Small but Significant, Study Shows

While the physical differences between humans and non-human primates are quite distinct, a new study reveals their brains may be remarkably similar. And yet, the smallest changes may make big ...

Just Like Humans, More Intelligent Jays Have Greater Self-Control

A study has found that Eurasian jays can pass a version of the 'marshmallow test' -- and those with the greatest self-control also score the highest on intelligence ...

Large Numbers of European Chimpanzees Suffer from a Lack of Vitamin D, Says New Study

A new study has found that a large number of chimpanzees living in Europe suffer from inadequate vitamin D levels, and the widespread problem could have a major impact on their ...

Chimpanzees Synchronize Their Steps Just Like Humans

A new study has revealed that chimpanzees share a human tendency to unintentionally synchronize their steps when walking alongside one ...

Chew on This: Personalized Health Care for Mountain Gorillas

咀嚼植物帮助veterinarians provide personalized health care to wild, endangered mountain gorillas in East ...


Evidence of Social Relationships Between Chimpanzees, Gorillas

Drawn from more than 20 years of observations at Nouabalé-Ndoki National Park in the Republic of Congo, researchers documented lasting social ties between individual chimpanzees and gorillas that ...

Chimpanzee Stone Tool Diversity

Archaeologists and primatologists have shown that stone tool using chimpanzees in West Africa have distinct and recognizable material ...

Early Gibbon Fossil Found in Southwest China: Discovery Fills Evolutionary History Gap of Apes

A team of scientists has discovered the earliest gibbon fossil, a find that helps fill a long-elusive evolutionary gap in the history of ...

The Gene to Which We Owe Our Big Brain

ARHGAP11B -- this complex name is given to a gene that is unique to humans and plays an essential role in the development of the neocortex. The neocortex is the part of the brain to which we owe our ...

Scientists Study Tourists to Protect Great Apes

Researchers are protecting great apes from diseases by studying the behavior and expectations of tourists who visit ...

Dolphins Form Largest Alliance Network Outside Humans, Study Finds

Male bottlenose dolphins form the largest known multi-level alliance network outside humans, researchers have shown. These cooperative relationships between groups increase male access to a contested ...

Cameras Candidly Capture Bushmeat Mammals to Avert Crisis

Camera trap surveys in the rainforests of southeast Cameroon have been conducted to predict the total biomass of large rodents and duikers, the local African forest ungulates. Based on the data from ...

What Makes the Human Brain Different? Study Reveals Clues

What makes the human brain distinct from that of all other animals -- including even our closest primate relatives? In an analysis of cell types in the prefrontal cortex of four primate species, ...

Simplified Voice Box Enriches Human Speech

The evolution of the human larynx contributed to the stable voices we use to communicate. The morphological changes do not include the addition of structures but rather the loss of specific vocal ...

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