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July 1, 2023

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Early Birds of the Future: Earlier, but Still Too Late?

Birds need to adapt to climate change, but evolution is a slow process. Model species such as the great tit are an indispensable yardstick for our ability to predict the impact of climate change on nature. Using innovative methods, a team from the Netherlands Institute of Ecology (NIOO-KNAW) took a ...

Scientists Discover Clues to Aging and Healing from a Squishy Sea Creature

Insights into healing and aging by those who studied how a tiny sea creature regenerates an entire new body from only its mouth. The researchers sequenced RNA from Hydractinia symbiolongicarpus, a small, tube-shaped animal that lives on the shells of hermit crabs. Just as the Hydractinia were ...

Virus-Like Transposons Wage War on the Species Barrier

Scientists have known for decades that genes can be transferred from one species to another, both in animals and plants. However, the mechanism of how such an unlikely event occurs remained unknown. Now, researchers identify a vector of horizontal gene transfer (HGT) in worms. The findings could ...

A Jaw-Dropping Conundrum: Why Do Mammals Have a Stiff Lower Jaw?

The lower jaws of lizards, birds, fish and even dinosaurs are comprised of multiple bones per side. Yet mammals diverged from all other vertebrates and settled on just one bone, repurposing the extra bones into a more elaborate inner ear, perhaps the better to hear. The single bone per side, fused ...

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Glass Sponge Genome Furnishes Insights Into Evolution of Biomineralization

The genome of a glass sponge species suggests that silica skeletons evolved independently in several groups of ...

Climate Change Could Lead to 'Widespread Chaos' for Insect Communities

New research explores how a warming world could impact ecosystems and derail the development of new ...

Scientists Discover New Embryonic Cell Type That Self-Destructs to Protect the Developing Embryo

Scientists have uncovered a new quality control system that removes damaged cells from early developing ...

These Long-Necked Reptiles Were Decapitated by Their Predators, Fossil Evidence Confirms

In the age of dinosaurs, many marine reptiles had extremely long necks compared to reptiles today. While it was clearly a successful evolutionary strategy, paleontologists have long suspected that ...

From Cross to Self-Pollination

Biologists provide evidence for an alternative genetic mechanism that can lead to plants becoming ...

Fossil Study Sheds Light on Famous Spirals Found in Nature

A 3D model of a 407-million-year-old plant fossil has overturned thinking on the evolution of leaves. The research has also led to fresh insights about spectacular patterns found in ...

New Method Traces Ancestry of Hybrid Plants and Animals

Hybrid plants and animals have complicated genomes. A biologist has discovered a way to reveal their parent ...

Skipping Evolution: Some Kangaroos Didn't Hop

Extinct kangaroos used alternative methods to their famous hop according to comprehensive ...

Which Came First: The Reptile or the Egg?

The earliest reptiles, birds and mammals may have borne live young, researchers have ...

Study Finds Socially Tolerant Monkeys Have Better Impulse Control

Socially tolerant species are better at controlling their emotions and behaviors, according to a new study of one of humanity's closest ...

Remains of an Extinct World of Organisms Discovered

Newly discovered biomarker signatures point to a whole range of previously unknown organisms that dominated complex life on Earth about a billion years ago. They differed from complex eukaryotic life ...


Older Trees Accumulate More Mutations Than Their Younger Counterparts

A study of the relationship between the growth rate of tropical trees and the frequency of genetic mutations they accumulate suggests that older, long-lived trees play a greater role in generating ...

The Other Side of the Story: How Evolution Impacts the Environment

Researchers show that an evolutionary change in the length of lizards' legs can have a significant impact on vegetation growth and spider populations on small islands in the Bahamas. This is one ...

Genomes of 233 Primate Species Sequenced

来自24个国家的研究人员分析了通用电气nomes of 809 individuals from 233 primate species, generating the most complete catalog of genomic information about our closest relatives to date. ...

New Study Shows How Adaptations to Living in a Cold Climate Promoted Social Evolution

For the first time ever, scientists have uncovered evidence that a species' long-term adaptation to living in an extremely cold climate has led to the evolution of social behaviours including ...

Researchers Show Mobile Elements Monkeying Around the Genome

Whole-genomic测序已经彻底改变了ount and detail of genetic diversity now available to researchers to study. While the researchers previously had looked at a few hundred mobile ...

Overfishing Linked to Rapid Evolution of Codfish

The overfishing of codfish spanning the second half of the 20th century indicates that human action can force evolutionary changes more quickly than widely believed, according to a new ...

Geneticists Discover Hidden 'Whole Genome Duplication' That May Explain Why Some Species Survived Mass Extinctions

Geneticists have unearthed a major event in the ancient history of sturgeons and paddlefish that has significant implications for the way we understand evolution. They have pinpointed a previously ...

The Clams That Fell Behind, and What They Can Tell Us About Evolution and Extinction

A new study examined how bivalves -- the group that includes clams, mussels, scallops, and oysters -- evolved among many others in the period of rapid evolution known as the Cambrian Explosion. The ...

Evolution Driving Improvements in Racehorse Speed

A new study has found that genetic improvement is underlying the increasing speed of Britain's thoroughbreds. This contrasts with earlier studies that suggested racehorses were showing no ...

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