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June 29, 2023


Groundbreaking Bacterial Discovery

A team of researchers discover viruses impact the genetic coding of purple (PSB) and green (GSB) sulfur ...

Scientists Discover Small RNA That Regulates Bacterial Infection

Researchers have identified the major mechanism behind the transition between chronic and acute P. aeruginosa infections. Their research findings can inform the development of future treatments for life-threatening acute ...

Hotter Sand from Microplastics Could Affect Sea Turtle Development

New research has found that extreme concentrations of microplastics could increase the temperature of beach sand enough to threaten the development of incubating sea ...

Researchers Cultivate Archaea That Break Down Crude Oil in Novel Ways

海底是th的三分之一左右e microorganisms on the Earth and is inhabited even at a depth of several kilometers. Only when it becomes too hot does the abundance of microorganisms appear to decline. But how, and from what, do microorganisms in the deep seafloor live? How do ...

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Dairy Foods Helped Ancient Tibetans Thrive in One of Earth's Most Inhospitable Environments

The question of how prehistoric populations obtained sustainable food in the barren heights of the Tibetan Plateau has long attracted academic and popular interest. A new study highlights the ...

Dancing in the Mud: Cut Cable Puts an End to Bacterial Party

You can still be celebrated, even if you're buried in mud. A new study shows that innumerable other bacteria flock around cable bacteria in the oxygen-free seabed in something that looks like a ...

Temperature Is Stronger Than Light and Flow as Driver of Oxygen in US Rivers

The amount of dissolved oxygen in a river is a matter of life or death for the plants and animals living within it, but this oxygen concentration varies drastically from one river to another, ...

A Cold-Specialized Icefish Species Underwent Major Genetic Changes as It Migrated to Temperate Waters

Biologists have explored the genetic mechanisms underlying the transition from freezing Antarctic waters to more temperature waters by Antarctic Notothenioid ...

Wastewater More Potent Breeding Ground for Antibiotic Resistance Than Previously Known

Wastewater is a more potent environment for antibiotic resistance to evolve than previously known. A study shows that wastewaters have unique characteristics, allowing resistance genes to start their ...

How Whale Shark Rhodopsin Evolved to See, in the Deep Blue Sea

A group of researchers discovered that the rhodopsin -- a protein in the eye that detects light -- of whale sharks has changed to efficiently detect blue light, which penetrates deep-sea water ...

Hummingbirds Use Torpor in Varying Ways to Survive Cold Temps

Hummingbirds use the hibernation-like state of torpor in varying ways, depending on their physical condition and what is happening in their environment, according to new ...

Study Shines New Light on Ancient Microbial Dark Matter

An international research team produced the first large-scale analysis of more than 400 newly sequenced and existing Omnitrophota genomes, uncovering new details about their biology and ...

Humans Are Leaving Behind a 'Frozen Signature' of Microbes on Mount Everest

Thanks to technological advances in microbial DNA analysis, researchers have discovered that mountaineers' boots aren't the only things leaving footprints on the world's tallest ...

The 'Rapunzel' Virus: An Evolutionary Oddity

Extremely long tail provides structural window into how bacteria-infecting viruses called phages ...

Assessing the Potential Risks of Ocean-Based Climate Intervention Technologies on Deep-Sea Ecosystems

An international team of experts convened remotely as part of the Deep Ocean Stewardship Initiative's Climate Working Group to consider the deep-sea impacts of ocean-based climate intervention ...


As Sea Ice Declines in the Arctic, Bowhead Whales Are Adjusting Their Migration Patterns

As sea ice declines in the Arctic, bowhead whales are staying north of the Bering Strait more frequently, a shift that could affect the long-term health of the bowhead population and impact the ...

Researcher Discovers Threshold That Triggers Drought Response in Forests

Missouri is home to an array of natural resources, with forests among the state's most valuable ecosystems. As warmer temperatures fueled by climate change affect ecosystems globally, forests ...

First Stem Cells from a Bat Species Known to Harbor SARS-CoV-2 Could Shed Light on Virus Survival and Molecular Adaptability

Researchers have generated the first induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs) from bats, gaining valuable insights into the close relationship between bats and ...

Whale Warning as Clock Ticks Towards Deep-Sea Mining

Seabed mining could soon begin in the deep ocean -- but the potential impact on animals including whales is unknown, researchers have ...

Microbes That Co-Operate Contribute More Carbon Emissions

Communities of microbes that work together release more carbon dioxide than competitive communities, contributing more to climate ...

Why Microbes in the Deep Ocean Live Without Sunlight

A new study reverses the idea that the bulk of life in the ocean is fueled by photosynthesis via sunshine, revealing that many ocean microbes in fact get their energy from hydrogen and carbon ...

Study Provides an Explanation and Potential Solution for Severe Graft-Versus-Host Disease

研究人员发现,改变肠道显微镜obiome that are linked to graft-versus-host disease severity are connected to an increase in oxygen levels in the intestine that follows ...

What Crocodile DNA Reveals About the Ice Age

鳄鱼进化的动力是什么?气候是一个主要r factor or changes in sea levels? Determined to find answers to these questions, researchers discovered that while changing temperatures and ...

Immense Diversity and Interdependence in High Temp Deep-Sea Microorganism Communities

A new study finds that microorganisms live in richly diverse and interdependent communities in high-temperature geothermal environments in the deep sea. By constructing genomes of 3,635 Bacteria and ...

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