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June 29, 2023

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Global Analysis on Pollinators in Cities: Wild Bees and Butterflies Are at Particular Risk

Butterflies are being hit hardest by urban growth. Shrinking habitats and food availability are causing their populations to decline. The same applies to many wild bees that fly early in spring. According to a new study, pollination has not yet been ...

Monarchs' White Spots Aid Migration

If you've ever wondered how the monarch butterfly got its spots, University of Georgia researchers may have just found the answer. The new study suggests that the butterflies with more white spots are more successful at reaching their long-distance wintering destination. Although it's not yet clear ...

Worms Use Electricity to Jump

在自然界中,小动物经常附着to larger ones to 'hitch a ride' and save energy migrating large distances. Researchers show how microscopic Caenorhabditis elegans worms can use electric fields to 'jump' across Petri plates or onto insects, allowing them to glide through the air ...

How Fungus Farming Ants Keep Their Gardens Healthy

'Weed early and often' is the key to a productive garden. Interestingly, certain species of ants are also avid gardeners, a practice they've refined over 50 million years. They too weed their underground fungus gardens, but how they know what to weed out has been a mystery. Now, a multidisciplinary ...

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A New Species of Mosquitoes Found in Finland -- Official Count of Species Now at 44

The mosquito species Culex modestus has been found in Finland for the first time. In Southern Europe it is known to spread West Nile virus, but it is highly unlikely for the disease to occur in ...

Desert Ant Increase the Visibility of Their Nest Entrances in the Absence of Landmarks

Researchers report that in the absence of visible landmarks, desert ants increase the likelihood that foraging nest mates will find their way home quickly and safely by elevating their nest entrance. ...

Weevils, Long-Nosed Beetles, Are Unsung Heroes of Pollination

Some of nature's most diverse pollinators often go unnoticed, even by scientists: long-snouted beetles called weevils. A new study provides a deep dive into the more than 600 species of weevils, ...

How Sweet It Is: The Fruit Fly Gut Influences Reproduction by 'Tasting' Fructose

A research group has found that in fruit flies (Drosophila melanogaster), circulating fructose derived from dietary sugar is needed for enhanced egg production after mating. In this species, ...

Researchers Build Bee Robot That Can Twist

A robotic bee that can fly fully in all directions has been developed. With four wings made out of carbon fiber and mylar as well as four light-weight actuators to control each wing, the Bee++ ...

Identifying the Bee's Knees of Bumble Bee Diets

A new study has identified the bee's knees of bumble bee dietary options in Ohio and the Upper Midwest. By viewing almost 23,000 bumble bee-flower interactions over two years, researchers found ...

New Insights Into the Complex Neurochemistry of Ants

Ants' brains are amazingly sophisticated organs that enable them to coordinate complex behavior patterns such as the organization of colonies. Now, researchers have developed a method that ...

Puppeteer Fungus' Targeted Takeover of 'Zombie' Flies

Researchers reveal the molecular and cellular underpinnings behind the parasitic fungus, Entomophthora muscae's (E. muscae), ability to manipulate the behavior of fruit ...

Is It an Ant? Is It a Plant? No, It's a Spider!

A species of tiny, colorful jumping spider employs two lines of defense to avoid being eaten: camouflaging with plants and walking like an ant. Researchers report that this combination of camouflage ...

Study Finds Carrying Pollen Heats Up Bumble Bees, Raises New Climate Change Questions

A new study finds carrying pollen is a workout that significantly increases the body temperature of bumble bees. This new understanding of active bumble bee body temperatures raises questions about ...

Butterflies on the Decline

Research shows that the numbers of butterflies in meadows and pastures of Europe are in a continuous decline. Grassland butterflies will soon play an even greater role in EU nature conservation ...


How Superbug A. Baumannii Survives Metal Stress and Resists Antibiotics

The deadly hospital pathogen Acinetobacter baumannii can live for a year on a hospital wall without food and water. Then, when it infects a vulnerable patient, it resists antibiotics as well as the ...

We Now Know Exactly What Happens in Nature When We Fell Forests

Deforestation is the biggest threat to the planet's ecosystems, and new research has now mapped out exactly what happens when agriculture replaces ...

Butterfly Tree of Life Reveals an Origin in North America

Scientists have discovered where butterflies originated and which plants the first butterflies relied on for food. To reach these conclusions, researchers created the world's largest butterfly ...

A Jumping Conclusion: Fossil Insect ID'd as New Genus, Species of Prodigious Leaper, the Froghopper

A fossil arthropod entombed in 100-million-year-old Burmese amber has been identified as a new genus and species of froghopper, known today as an insect with prodigious leaping ability in adulthood ...

Preserving Pine Forests by Understanding Beetle Flight

Researchers study the flight performance of the mountain pine beetle from a fluid mechanics and an entomological perspective. Understanding these aspects of the insect's flight could improve ...

Kangaroo Island Ants 'Play Dead' to Avoid Predators

They're well known for their industrious work, but now a species of ant on Kangaroo Island is also showing that it is skilled at 'playing dead', a behavior that researchers believe is ...


Which energy type promotes the biodiversity of beetles living in dead wood in the forest? That depends entirely on where the beetles are in the food ...

The Evolution of Honey Bee Brains

Researchers have proposed a new model for the evolution of higher brain functions and behaviors in the Hymenoptera order of insects. The team compared the Kenyon cells, a type of neuronal cell, in ...

The Reasons Why Insect Numbers Are Decreasing

Researchers are investigating the causes and consequences of the worldwide insect decline as well as considering potential ...

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