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June 29, 2023

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Researchers Develop Digital Test to Directly Measure HIV Viral Load

A milliliter of blood contains about 15 individual drops. For a person with human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), each drop of blood could contain anywhere from fewer than 20 copies of the virus to more than 500,000 copies. Called the viral load, this is what is measured to allow clinicians to ...

Some Black Truffles Grown in Eastern U.S. May Be Less Valuable Lookalike Species, Study Finds

Black truffle growers are unintentionally growing less-expensive winter truffles, which may lead to mix-ups in the market as ...

Groundbreaking Bacterial Discovery

A team of researchers discover viruses impact the genetic coding of purple (PSB) and green (GSB) sulfur ...

How Coral Reefs Can Survive Climate Change

类似于一百年的探险or two hundred years ago, the Tara Pacific expedition lasted over two years. The goal: to research the conditions for life and survival of corals. The ship crossed the entire Pacific Ocean, assembling the largest genetic inventory conducted in any marine ...

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A New Species of Mosquitoes Found in Finland -- Official Count of Species Now at 44

The mosquito species Culex modestus has been found in Finland for the first time. In Southern Europe it is known to spread West Nile virus, but it is highly unlikely for the disease to occur in ...

The Worm That Learned: Diet Found to Affect Learning in Older Nematodes

A group used a nematode model to discover that the weakening of the learning ability of older individuals does not occur when their diet includes the bacteria Lactobacillus reuteri. Since such ...

Genome Editing Used to Create Disease Resistant Rice

Researchers have used the genome-editing tool CRISPR-Cas to create disease resistant rice plants, according to a new study. Small-scale field trials in China show that the newly created rice variety ...

Technique Restores Healthy Bacterial Balance in C-Section Babies

Newborns delivered by cesarean section who are swabbed with the vaginal fluid of their mothers after birth have beneficial bacteria restored to their skin surface and stools, according to a new ...

The Life Below Our Feet: Team Discovers Microbes Thriving in Groundwater and Producing Oxygen in the Dark

A survey of groundwater samples drawn from aquifers beneath more than 80,000 square miles of Canadian prairie reveals ancient groundwaters harbor not only diverse and active microbial communities, ...

Researchers Find High Risk to Amphibians If Fungal Pathogen Invades North America

New research indicates the fungal pathogen Batrachochytrium salamandrivorans (Bsal) could be devastating to amphibian biodiversity if introduced to North ...

Scientists Discover Small RNA That Regulates Bacterial Infection

Researchers have identified the major mechanism behind the transition between chronic and acute P. aeruginosa infections. Their research findings can inform the development of future treatments for ...

CRISPR/Cas9-Based Gene Drive Could Suppress Agricultural Pests

Researchers have now used a gene-drive system to suppress an important agricultural ...

Vaccine Against Deadly Chytrid Fungus Primes Frog Microbiome for Future Exposure

A new study found that a new vaccine against the deadly chytrid fungus in frogs can shift the composition of the microbiome, making frogs more resilient to future exposure to the ...

Dentists Identify New Bacterial Species Involved in Tooth Decay

Large study in children reveals Selenomonas sputigena as a key partner of Streptococcus in cavity ...

Water Molecules Define the Materials Around Us

A new paper argues that materials like wood, bacteria, and fungi belong to a newly identified class of matter, 'hydration solids.' The new findings emerged from ongoing research into the ...


Remains of an Extinct World of Organisms Discovered

Newly discovered biomarker signatures point to a whole range of previously unknown organisms that dominated complex life on Earth about a billion years ago. They differed from complex eukaryotic life ...

To Groom or Not to Groom: 'Triage' in the Ant Kingdom

蚂蚁社会是合作疾病def的主人ense. They collectively take care of each other to prevent the spread of infections within a colony. But how does an individual ant know whom it ...

Coral Disease Tripled in the Last 25 Years. Three-Quarters Will Likely Be Diseased by Next Century

Research suggests warming temperatures will see nearly 80 per cent of coral in reefs diseased in the next 80 ...

A Compound from Fruit Flies Could Lead to New Antibiotics

Research shows that the natural peptide, called drosocin, protects fruit flies from bacterial infections by binding to ribosomes in bacteria. Once bound, drosocin prevents the ribosome from making ...

Previously Unknown Antibiotic Resistance Widespread Among Bacteria

Genes that make bacteria resistant to antibiotics are much more widespread in our environment than was previously realized. A new study shows that bacteria in almost all environments carry resistance ...

How Studying Feces May Help Us Boost White Rhino Populations

Researchers have identified significant differences in the gut microbiome of female southern white rhinos who are reproducing successfully in captivity, as compared to females who have not reproduced ...

Microbes Key to Sequestering Carbon in Soil

Microbes are by far the most important factor in determining how much carbon is stored in the soil, according to a new study with implications for mitigating climate change and improving soil health ...

Global Response to Antimicrobial Resistance 'Insufficient'

Governments around the world must do more to tackle the growing threat of drug-resistant infections, according to new research. Antimicrobial resistance (AMR) occurs when bacteria, viruses, fungi and ...

Fungi Stores a Third of Carbon from Fossil Fuel Emissions and Could Be Essential to Reaching Net Zero, New Study Reveals

Mycorrhizal fungi are responsible for holding up to 36 per cent of yearly global fossil fuel emissions below ground -- more than China emits each ...

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