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June 29, 2023

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Songbird Study Shows One Hit Wonder Has to Change His Tune to Attract a Mate

Over two years, researchers recorded and analyzed 7,000 songs of wild blue tits breeding in closely monitored nest boxes. They devised an experiment which involved playing song recordings to receptive females and discovered that male vocal ...

European Bird Communities Move to Cooler Areas, but Mountain Ranges and Coastlines 'Control the Traffic'

A recent study shows that European bird communities have shifted northeastward in the past 30 years. These shifts are faced with obstacles such as mountain ranges and coastlines. Overall, bird communities are moving towards cooler areas but not fast ...

Orangutans Can Make Two Sounds at the Same Time, Similar to Human Beatboxing, Study Finds

Orangutans can make two separate sounds simultaneously, much like songbirds or human beatboxers, according to a new ...

Humans' Ancestors Survived the Asteroid Impact That Killed the Dinosaurs

A Cretaceous origin for placental mammals, the group that includes humans, dogs and bats, has been revealed by in-depth analysis of the fossil record, showing they co-existed with dinosaurs for a short time before the dinosaurs went ...

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A New Species of Mosquitoes Found in Finland -- Official Count of Species Now at 44

The mosquito species Culex modestus has been found in Finland for the first time. In Southern Europe it is known to spread West Nile virus, but it is highly unlikely for the disease to occur in ...

Research Questions Value of Sagebrush Control in Conserving Sage Grouse

Sagebrush reduction strategies, including mowing and herbicide application, are often employed to enhance habitat for the greater sage grouse and other sagebrush-dependent ...

When a Rat Smells a Rat

Some animals release chemical pheromones which can trigger behavioral or hormonal changes in other animals. It is known that calm rats can reduce the fear of nearby rats, but the exact mechanism was ...

Cryo Conservation: A Cool Solution to Saving Species from Extinction

In the face of the biodiversity crisis, and alarming data showing a 69% decline in global animal populations since 1970, researchers are banking on a cool solution to help save species from ...

Completing Genome of Rusty Patched Bumble Bee May Offer New Approach to Saving Endangered Bee

A detailed, high-resolution map of the rusty patched bumble bee's genome has been released, offering new approaches for bringing the native pollinator back from the danger of extinction. Putting ...

These Long-Necked Reptiles Were Decapitated by Their Predators, Fossil Evidence Confirms

In the age of dinosaurs, many marine reptiles had extremely long necks compared to reptiles today. While it was clearly a successful evolutionary strategy, paleontologists have long suspected that ...

Study Shows Ancient Alaskans Were Freshwater Fishers

A scientific team has discovered the earliest-known evidence of freshwater fishing by ancient people in the Americas. The research offers a glimpse at how early humans used a changing landscape and ...

CRISPR/Cas9-Based Gene Drive Could Suppress Agricultural Pests

Researchers have now used a gene-drive system to suppress an important agricultural ...

Climate Change: Rising Rainfall, Not Temperatures, Threaten Giraffe Survival

Giraffes in the East African savannahs are adapting surprisingly well to the rising temperatures caused by climate change. However, they are threatened by increasingly heavy rainfall, as researchers ...

Octopuses Rewire Their Brains to Adapt to Seasonal Temperature Shifts

Octopuses don't thermoregulate, so their powerful brains are exposed to -- and potentially threatened by -- changes in temperature. Researchers report that two-spot octopuses adapt to seasonal ...

How Studying Feces May Help Us Boost White Rhino Populations

研究人员已经确定了显著差异s in the gut microbiome of female southern white rhinos who are reproducing successfully in captivity, as compared to females who have not reproduced ...


The Other Side of the Story: How Evolution Impacts the Environment

Researchers show that an evolutionary change in the length of lizards' legs can have a significant impact on vegetation growth and spider populations on small islands in the Bahamas. This is one ...

Saving Moths May Be Just as Important as Saving the Bees

Night-time pollinators such as moths may visit just as many plants as bees, and should also be the focus of conservation and protection efforts, a new study ...

Genetic Change Increased Bird Flu Severity During U.S. Spread

Scientists found the virus strains that arrived in 2021 soon acquired genes from viruses in wild birds in North America. The resulting reassortant viruses have spread across the continent and caused ...

New DNA Testing Technology Shows Majority of Wild Dingoes Are Pure, Not Hybrids

Genetic analysis shows dingo populations have significantly less dog ancestry than previously ...

River Erosion Can Shape Fish Evolution

A new study of the freshwater greenfin darter fish suggests river erosion can be a driver of biodiversity in tectonically inactive ...

Most Effective Ways of Foraging Can Attract Predators

Animals using the most of efficient methods of searching for resources may well pay with their lives, scientists have ...

Global Macrogenetic Map of Marine Habitat-Forming Species

Species known as marine habitat-forming species -- gorgonians, corals, algae, seaweeds, marine phanerogams, etc.-- are organisms that help generate and structure the underwater landscapes. These are ...

Move Over, Armadillos: There's a New Bone-Plated Mammal in Town

Armadillos have long been considered to be the only living mammals that produce protective bony plates. But a new study unexpectedly shows that African spiny mice produce the same structures beneath ...

Identifying the Bee's Knees of Bumble Bee Diets

A new study has identified the bee's knees of bumble bee dietary options in Ohio and the Upper Midwest. By viewing almost 23,000 bumble bee-flower interactions over two years, researchers found ...

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