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July 5, 2023

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Can Investigators Use Household Dust as a Forensic Tool?

It is possible to retrieve forensically relevant information from human DNA in household ...

Synthetic Fibers Discovered in Antarctic Air, Seawater, Sediment and Sea Ice as the 'Pristine' Continent Becomes a Sink for Plastic Pollution

Microplastic fibers discovered in samples (air, seawater, sediment and sea-ice) from the last remaining pristine environment on ...

Algorithm Predicts Crime a Week in Advance, but Reveals Bias in Police Response

A new computer model uses publicly available data to predict crime accurately in eight U.S. cities, while revealing increased police response in wealthy neighborhoods at the expense of less advantaged ...

Real-World Study Shows the Potential of Gait Authentication to Enhance Smartphone Security

A study showed that -- within an appropriate framework -- gait recognition could be a viable technique for protecting individuals and their data from potential ...

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Mass School Shootings Are Not Caused by Mental Illness, Study Finds

The researchers suggest that mass school shootings are different from other forms of mass murder, and that they should be looked at as a distinct phenomenon. Factors other than severe mental illness ...

Maintaining Green Parks and Gardens in Cities Has the Potential to Lower the Risk of Crime, Study Suggests

Maintaining green parks and gardens in cities has the potential to lower the risk of crime, research suggests. More green space in a city is linked with lower risk of crime against property -- such ...

Spanking Related to Other Forms of Discipline, Intimate Partner Violence

打屁股更常见among parents who report using many types of discipline with children and in families where there is intimate partner violence, according to new ...

How Old Is That Fingerprint?

Forensic dramas on TV make it seem easy to determine when fingerprints were left at the scene of a crime. In reality, the oils in fingerprints degrade over time, and it's difficult to figure out ...

Study Finds Significant Increase in Firearm Assaults in States That Relaxed Conceal Carry Permit Restrictions

A new study has found that the average rate of assaults with firearms increased an average of 9.5 percent relative to forecasted trends in the first 10 years after 34 states relaxed restrictions on ...

More Dogs in the Neighborhood Often Means Less Crime, Research Shows

In a recent study, researchers found that neighborhoods with more dogs had lower rates of homicide, robbery and, to a lesser extent, aggravated assaults compared to areas with fewer dogs, at least ...

Music Alleviates Collective Grief

In February 2020, a group of musicians from around the world living in China recorded their cover of a song by Michael Jackson on video to express their support to the families affected by the ...

Teens More Likely to Disengage from School After Police Stops

Teens who are stopped by the police are more likely to report greater disengagement from school the next day, and racial and ethnic minority youth reported more invasive police encounters than white ...

Forensic Scientists Improve Touch DNA Collection Methods

皮肤细胞和DNA之间的不同个体s, but new data shows that some groups of people have higher variability in their cell deposits. The South Australian forensic science researchers ...

Impatient and Risk-Tolerant People More Often Become Criminals, Study Finds

A new study among young Danish men confirms the assumption that risk-tolerant, impatient and self-centered people are more likely to commit crimes than risk averse, patient and altruistic people ...

One and Done: Researchers Urge Testing Eyewitness Memory Only Once

Psychological scientists and criminologists say our system of jurisprudence needs a simple no-cost reform -- switch to testing eyewitnesses for their memory of suspects only ...


Study Highlights Need to Replace 'Ancestry' in Forensics With Something More Accurate

A new study finds forensics researchers use terms related to ancestry and race in inconsistent ways, and calls for the discipline to adopt a new approach to better account for both the fluidity of ...

Sample Preparation in Forensic Toxicological Analysis May Have Huge Impacts

In a new article, researchers provide an overview of sample preparation techniques and information on routine sample types that may be encountered in forensic toxicology ...

Evidence Against Physically Punishing Kids Is Clear, Researchers Say

A conclusive narrative review has found physical punishment of children is not effective in preventing child behavior problems or promoting positive outcomes and instead predicts increases in ...

Who Is Selling and Trafficking Africa's Wild Meat?

A new study classifies different types of wildlife traffickers and sellers in two of Central Africa's growing urban centers, providing new insight into the poorly understood urban illegal ...

Spanking May Affect the Brain Development of a Child

A new study linking spanking and child brain development shows spanking could alter a child's neural responses to their environment, in similar ways to a child experiencing more severe ...

New Study Finds False Memories Can Be Reversed

Rich false memories of autobiographical events can be planted - and then reversed, a new article has ...

Sewage Study Shows Which Countries Like to Party Hard

The Netherlands, United States, Australia and New Zealand are consuming the highest amounts of designer 'party' drugs, according to wastewater samples taken from eight countries over the ...

Counterintuitive Approach May Improve Eyewitness Identification

Experts have devised a novel approach to selecting photos for police lineups that helps witnesses identify culprits more ...

研究人员把DNA侦探帮助犀牛偷猎ing Prosecutions With Forensic Evidence

Researchers have, for the first time, used unique DNA markers to provide forensic evidence for alleged poaching cases involving the Indian ...

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