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June 29, 2023

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Worse Than Diesel and Gasoline? Bioenergy as Bad as Fossils If There Is No Pricing of CO2 Emissions from Land-Use Change, Experts Argue

Demand for modern biofuels is expected to grow substantially in order to mitigate climate emissions. However, they are far from being a climate neutral alternative to gasoline and diesel. A new study shows that under current land-use regulations, ...

Investing in Nature Improves Equity, Boosts Economy

A new study shows that current trends in environmental degradation will lead to large economic losses in the coming decades, hitting the poorest countries hardest. But there is hope: investing in nature can turn those losses into ...

Conservation Policies Risk Damaging Global Biodiversity, Researchers Argue

Rewilding, organic farming and the 'nature friendly farming' measures included in some government conservation policies risk worsening the global biodiversity crisis by reducing how much food is produced in a region, driving up food imports and increasing environmental damage ...

The Number of the World's Farms to Halve by 2100

New research shows the number of farms globally will shrink from 616 million in 2020 to 272 million in 2100, posing significant risks to the world's food ...

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All in the Planning: State Policies Working to Fix Gulf Nutrient Pollution

More than a decade on, critics have questioned the effectiveness of state nutrient reduction strategies, noting the still-massive hypoxic dead zones in the Gulf. In a new study, social scientists ...

Harnessing Smartphones to Track How People Use Green Spaces

一项新的研究demonstrates how anonymized GPS data from people's smartphones can be used to monitor the public's use of parks and other green spaces in urban areas, which could help inform ...

New Research Shows People, Wildlife, and Marine Environment Benefit When Island-Ocean Connections Are Restored

A new perspective shows that linking land and sea through coordinated conservation efforts may offer unrealized and amplified benefits for biodiversity, human wellbeing, climate resilience and ocean ...

Most Asian Countries Are Far Behind Biodiversity Targets for Protected Areas, Study Finds

New research indicates that Asia was the most underperforming continent in meeting a global target to protect 17 percent of land by 2020. Results indicate that longer-term targets will be missed by ...

Researchers Design Model That Predicts Which Buildings Will Survive Wildfire

Wildfires may seem unpredictable, leaving random ruin in their wake. Engineers have now developed a model that can predict how wildfire will impact a community down to which buildings will burn. They ...

Lack of Ecosystem Services Corresponds to Non-White Areas, Researchers Find

A new study explores how communities of color remain excluded from all that nature has to ...

Socio-Economic Factors Shown to Drive Mangrove Losses and Gains

New research into the drivers of mangrove loss over the past 20 years has revealed that most of the degradation can be attributed to socio-economic and biophysical factors, with mangrove cover ...

Companies' 'Deforestation-Free' Supply Chain Pledges Have Barely Impacted Forest Clearance in the Amazon, Researchers Say

More companies must make and implement zero-deforestation supply chain commitments in order to significantly reduce deforestation and protect diverse ecosystems, say ...

Greenbelts Are Effective at Slowing Urban Sprawl

Researchers argue that greenbelts almost always work in curbing sprawl, particularly in larger cities. It looks at 60 cities in Europe, half of them with a greenbelt, half without, and uses ...

Ranger Numbers and Protected Area Workforce Must Increase Fivefold to Effectively Safeguard 30% of the Planet's Wild Lands by 2030

Ahead of the global meeting of the Conference of the Parties in Montréal, Canada, which decides new targets for nature, a new study outlines an urgent need for larger numbers and better-supported ...

Global Hunger, Carbon Emissions Could Both Spike If War Limits Grain Exports

If Russia's war in Ukraine significantly reduces grain exports, surging prices could worsen food insecurity, with increases up to 4.6% for corn and 7.2% for wheat. That also would have an ...


Scientific Plan for Nature-Based Climate Solutions

Ecosystem scientists and policy experts are calling for a scientific approach to nature-based climate solutions in the United States. The report is the result of dozens of scientists and policy ...

Too Little, Too Late: Study Examines Why the Endangered Species Act Fails

Out of the thousands of species that have been listed by the ESA in the past 48 years, only 54 have recovered to the point where they no longer need protection. A new study examines why so few ...

Land Tenure Drives Deforestation Rates in Brazil, Study Finds

Tropical deforestation causes widespread degradation of biodiversity and carbon stocks. Researchers have now tested the relationship between land tenure and deforestation rates in Brazil. Their ...

New, Comprehensive Framework Could Better Inform Carbon-Cutting Policies

Researchers have developed an integrated framework to take into account the many variables relevant to accurate carbon emissions modeling, allowing for policy makers to see a fuller picture to choose ...

More Than 1.1 Million Sea Turtles Poached Over Last Three Decades

Researchers estimate that more than 1.1 million sea turtles have been illegally killed and, in some cases, trafficked between 1990 and 2020. Even with existing laws prohibiting their capture and ...

Wildlife Hunting Motivations Vary Across Africa and Europe

Wildlife hunting motivations and resulting ecological consequences vary depending on the socio-economic context across Africa and Europe, according to a new study. Despite these shifts, the intensity ...

Living in Timber Cities Could Cut Emissions, Without Using Farmland for Wood Production

住宅房屋的不断增长的人口wood instead of conventional steel and concrete could avoid more than 100 billion tons of emissions of the greenhouse gas CO2 until 2100, a new study ...

Large Regional Differences in Agricultural Adaptation to Future Climate Change in Europe

Marked differences in how climate change will affect different parts of Europe require further focus and political attention if European agriculture is to adapt to future climatic conditions, say ...

New Standardized Framework Allows Conservationists to Assess Benefits of Non-Native Species

A new framework for classifying the positive impacts of non-native species will allow conservationists and policymakers to make better-informed management decisions, according to a new ...

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