Mars News
June 29, 2023

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Using Photosynthesis for Martian Occupation -- While Making Space Travel More Sustainable

Researchers are working on sustainable technology to harvest solar power in space -- which could supplement life support systems on the Moon and ...

New Findings Indicate Gene-Edited Rice Might Survive in Martian Soil

New research suggests future Martian botanists may be able to grow gene-edited rice on ...

Pioneering Research Sheds New Light on the Origins and Composition of Planet Mars

A new study has uncovered intriguing insights into the liquid core at the centre of Mars, furthering understanding of the planet's formation and ...

Scientists Detect Seismic Waves Traveling Through Martian Core

New NASA InSight research reveals that Mars has a liquid core rich in sulfur and oxygen, leading to new clues about how terrestrial planets form, evolve and potentially sustain ...

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Sound Recording Made of Dust Devils (Tiny Tornadoes of Dust, Grit) on Mars

When the rover Perseverance landed on Mars, it was equipped with the first working microphone on the planet's surface. Scientists have used it to make the first-ever audio recording of an ...

Tiny Underwater Sand Dunes May Shed Light on Larger Terrestrial and Martian Formations

Researchers have been studying the dynamics of how crescent-shaped sand dunes are formed. Known as barchans, these formations are commonly found in various sizes and circumstances, on Earth and on ...

Giant Mantle Plume Reveals Mars Is More Active Than Previously Thought

Orbital observations unveil the presence of an enormous mantle plume pushing the surface of Mars upward and driving intense volcanic and seismic activity. The discovery reveals that Mars, like Earth ...

Mars Was Once Covered by 300-Meter Deep Oceans, Study Shows

When Mars was a young planet, it was bombarded by icy asteroids that delivered water and organic chemistry necessary for life to emerge. According to the professor behind a new study, this means that ...

Exploring the Possibility of Extraterrestrial Life Living in Caves

几千年来,洞穴作为p的避难所rehistoric humans. Caves have also intrigued scholars from early Chinese naturalists to Charles Darwin. A cave ecologist has been in and out of these ...

NASA's MAVEN Observes Martian Light Show Caused by Major Solar Storm

For the first time in its eight years orbiting Mars, NASA's MAVEN mission witnessed two different types of ultraviolet aurorae simultaneously, the result of solar storms that began on Aug. ...

Earth's Oldest Stromatolites and the Search for Life on Mars

The earliest morphological traces of life on Earth are often highly controversial, both because non-biological processes can produce relatively similar structures and because such fossils have often ...

Mars's Crust More Complex, Evolved Than Previously Thought

A new study finds the original crust on Mars is more complex, and evolved, than previously thought. Researchers have determined the Martian crust has greater concentrations of the chemical element ...

Scientists Use Deep Planetary Scan to Confirm Martian Core

Seismologists have developed a new method to scan the deep interior of planets in our solar system to confirm whether they have a core at the heart of their ...

NASA's InSight Lander Detects Stunning Meteoroid Impact on Mars

NASA's InSight lander recorded a magnitude 4 marsquake last Dec. 24, but scientists learned only later the cause of that quake: a meteoroid strike estimated to be one of the biggest seen on Mars ...

Magma on Mars Likely

Until now, Mars has been generally considered a geologically dead planet. An international team of researchers now reports that seismic signals indicate vulcanism still plays an active role in ...


Traces of Ancient Ocean Discovered on Mars

A recently released set of topography maps provides new evidence for an ancient northern ocean on Mars. The maps offer the strongest case yet that the planet once experienced sea-level rise ...

Ancient Bacteria Might Lurk Beneath Mars' Surface

Scientists found that ancient bacteria could survive close to the surface on Mars much longer than previously assumed. So, if life did, in fact, evolve when the last waters flowed on Mars, it would ...


Researchers have developed a new approach to balancing the risks and scientific value of sending planetary rovers into dangerous ...

New Evidence for Liquid Water Beneath the South Polar Ice Cap of Mars

An international team of researchers has revealed new evidence for the possible existence of liquid water beneath the south polar ice cap of ...

Layering, Not Liquid: Astronomers Explain Mars' Watery Reflections

Astronomers believe bright reflections beneath the surface of Mars' South Pole are not necessarily evidence of liquid water, but instead geological ...

Newly Formed Craters Located on Mars

An international team of researchers with NASA's InSight mission located four new craters created by impacts on the surface of Mars. Using data from a seismometer and visuals acquired from the ...

Geologist Proposes the Number of Ancient Martian Lakes Might Have Been Dramatically Underestimated by Scientists

Though Mars is a frozen desert today, scientists have shown that Mars contains evidence of ancient lakes that existed billions of years ago, which could contain evidence for ancient life and climate ...

NASA's Perseverance Rover Investigates Geologically Rich Mars Terrain

NASA's Perseverance rover is well into its second science campaign, collecting rock-core samples from features within an area long considered by scientists to be a top prospect for finding signs ...

Martian Rock-Metal Composite Shows Potential of 3D Printing on Mars

A small amount of simulated crushed Martian rock mixed with a titanium alloy made a stronger, high-performance material in a 3D-printing process that could one day be used on Mars to make tools or ...

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