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June 29, 2023

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DNA Can Fold Into Complex Shapes to Execute New Functions

DNA can mimic protein functions by folding into elaborate, three-dimensional structures, according to a new ...

Everyone's Brain Has a Pain Fingerprint -- New Research Has Revealed for the First Time

New research has revealed everyone's brain has a 'pain fingerprint' that varies from person to ...

Scientists Discover Spiral-Shaped Signals That Organize Brain Activity

Scientists have discovered human brain signals traveling across the outer layer of neural tissue that naturally arrange themselves to resemble swirling ...

Long Missions, Frequent Travel Take a Toll on Astronauts' Brains

A study looking at how the human brain reacts to traveling outside Earth's gravity suggests frequent flyers should wait three years after longer missions to allow the physiological changes in their brains to ...

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Medical 'Microrobots' Could One Day Treat Bladder Disease, Other Human Illnesses

Engineers have designed a new class of 'microrobots' several times smaller than the width of a human hair that may be able to treat human illnesses like interstitial cystitis -- a painful ...

Engineers Create Bacteria That Can Synthesize an Unnatural Amino Acid

Researchers have engineered bacteria to synthesize an amino acid that contains a rare functional group that others have shown to have implications in the regulation of our immune system. The ...

Amputees Feel Warmth in Their Missing Hand

An unexpected discovery about temperature feedback has led to new bionic technology that allows amputees to sense the temperature of objects ¬-- both hot and cold -- directly in the phantom hand. ...

Fecal Microbiota Transplants: Two Reviews Explore What's Worked, What Hasn't, and Where Do We Go from Here

Fecal microbiota transplants are the most effective and affordable treatment for recurrent infections with Clostridioides difficile, an opportunistic bacterium and the most common cause of ...

Nose Shape Gene Inherited from Neanderthals

Humans inherited genetic material from Neanderthals that affects the shape of our noses, finds a new ...

Scientists Discover Anatomical Changes in the Brains of the Newly Sighted

Neuroscientists discovered anatomical changes that occur in the white matter of visual-processing areas of the brain, in children who have congenital cataracts surgically ...

Ingestible 'Electroceutical' Capsule Stimulates Hunger-Regulating Hormone

Engineers have shown that by using an ingestible capsule that delivers an electrical current to the cells they can stimulate the release of the hormone ghrelin. This approach could prove useful for ...

Brain Circuits for Locomotion Evolved Long Before Appendages and Skeletons

Scientists found parallels between the neural circuitry that guides locomotion in sea slugs and in more complex animals like ...

Nanowire Networks Learn and Remember Like a Human Brain

Scientists have demonstrated nanowire networks can exhibit both short- and long-term memory like the human ...

Cannabinoids Give Worms the Munchies, Too

Marijuana (cannabis) is well known for giving people the 'munchies.' Not only does it make people want to eat more, but it also makes them crave the tastiest, most high-calorie foods. Now a ...

Chitin from Consuming Insects Can Help Both Gut Microbiota and Global Health

Increased insect consumption by humans may be better for both gut health and planetary health. Chitin (kai'tin) and healthy fats from insects appear to contribute to healthy gut microbiota and ...


Now You Can Be Comfortable in Your E-Skin

Researchers have designed a cellulose nanofiber paper (nanopaper) that can be used as a substrate for on-skin electronics. The porous structure of the nanopaper means that it can conform and adhere ...

Can You Describe a Sensation Without Feeling It First?

Research with a unique, perhaps one-of-a-kind individual, shows that you can comprehend and use tactile language and metaphors without relying on previous sensory experiences. These findings ...

乒乓球脑筋急转弯:对阵机器人Makes Our Brains Work Harder

Brain scans taken during table tennis reveal differences in how we respond to human versus machine ...

Researchers Create Embryo-Like Structures from Monkey Embryonic Stem Cells

Human embryo development and early organ formation remain largely unexplored due to ethical issues surrounding the use of embryos for research as well as limited availability of materials to study. ...

Super-Sized Nanocage Could Deliver Bigger Drug Cargoes

Nanocages are tiny artificial containers that can be used to deliver therapeutics to a target destination in the body. But some drug molecules are like gifts that are too big for a standard-sized ...

A Miniature Heart in a Petri Dish: Organoid Emulates Development of the Human Heart

A team has induced stem cells to emulate the development of the human heart. The result is a sort of 'mini-heart' known as an organoid. It will permit the study of the earliest development ...

Sleight-of-Hand Magic Trick Only Fools Monkeys With Opposable Thumbs

An illusion involving a hidden thumb confounds capuchin and squirrel monkeys for the same reason it does humans -- it misdirects expected outcomes of actions they can carry out. However, marmosets ...

English Language Pushes Everyone -- Even AI Chatbots -- To Improve by Adding

A linguistic bias in the English language that leads us to 'improve' things by adding to them, rather than taking away, is so common that it is even ingrained in AI chatbots, a new study ...

Can AI Predict How You'll Vote in the Next Election?

Artificial intelligence technologies like ChatGPT are seemingly doing everything these days: writing code, composing music, and even creating images so realistic you'll think they were taken by ...

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