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June 29, 2023

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Illusions Are in the Eye, Not the Mind

Numerous visual illusions are caused by limits in the way our eyes and visual neurones work -- rather than more complex psychological processes, new research ...

Chatgpt Designs a Robot

Poems, essays and even books -- is there anything the OpenAI platform ChatGPT can't handle? These new AI developments have inspired researchers to dig a little deeper: For instance, can ChatGPT also design a robot? And is this a good thing for the design process, or are there ...

Robots and Rights: Confucianism Offers Alternative

随着机器人承担多个角色,一个新的一个alysis reviewed research on robot rights, concluding that granting rights to robots is a bad idea. Instead, the article looks to Confucianism to offer an ...

Researchers Use 21st Century Methods to Record 2,000 Years of Ancient Graffiti in Egypt

Researchers are learning more about ancient graffiti -- and their intriguing comparisons to modern graffiti -- as they produce a state-of-the-art 3D recording of the Temple of Isis in Philae, ...

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New Zealand One of Few Island Nations With Potential to Produce Enough Food in a Nuclear Winter, Researchers Say

New Zealand is one of only a few island nations that could continue to produce enough food to feed its population in a nuclear winter, researchers have ...

See No Evil: People Find Good in Villains

No matter how egotistical, power hungry or greedy the person is, many of us are still attracted to their dark side -- in part because we suspect some may have a redeeming quality. A recent study ...

Does Throwing My Voice Make You Want to Shop Here?

By breaking the laws of physics in a virtual reality environment, researchers find that changing the location of a virtual assistant's voice in specific ways can be used as a tool to build ...

Masks Can Put Cognitive Performance in Check, Chess Study Finds

Wearing a face mask can temporarily disrupt decision-making in some situations, a new study of chess players has found. The study analyzed almost three million chess moves played by more than eight ...

In Negotiations, Hoodwinking Others Has a Cost, Study Finds

Lying to another person to get the better of them in a financial negotiation might win you more money, but you are likely to end up feeling guilty and less satisfied with the deal than if you had ...

Witchcraft Beliefs Are Widespread, Highly Variable Around the World, Study Finds

A newly compiled dataset quantitatively captures witchcraft beliefs in countries around the world, enabling investigation of key factors associated with such ...

Actors Suppress Their Sense of Self When Playing a New Character

Actors may suppress their core sense of self when acting, as they immerse themselves in a new role, according to a new ...

Extreme Temperatures Fuel Online Hate Speech

Temperatures above or below a feel-good window of 12-21 degrees Celsius (54-70 °F) are linked to a marked rise in aggressive online behaviour across the USA, a new study ...

Scientists Develop Model That Adjusts Videogame Difficulty Based on Player Emotions

科学家开发出了一种动力学的新方法amic difficulty adjustment where the players' emotions are estimated using in-game data, and the difficulty level is tweaked accordingly to ...

News Addiction Linked to Not Only Poor Mental Wellbeing but Physical Health Too, New Study Shows

People with an obsessive urge to constantly check the news are more likely to suffer from stress, anxiety, as well as ill health, finds a new ...

Music-Making and the Flow of Aerosols

If simply breathing can spread the SARS-CoV-2 virus to others nearby, what about blowing into a tuba? Researchers used fluid mechanics to study the movement of aerosols generated by professional ...


Algorithm Predicts Crime a Week in Advance, but Reveals Bias in Police Response

A new computer model uses publicly available data to predict crime accurately in eight U.S. cities, while revealing increased police response in wealthy neighborhoods at the expense of less ...

Scent of a Friend: Similarities in Body Odor May Contribute to Social Bonding

Researchers have found that people may have a tendency to form friendships with individuals who have a similar body odor. The researchers were even able to predict the quality of social interactions ...

Who's Really in Control?

Researchers studied the effect of the 'attitudes' of a semi-autonomous telepresence robot on its human operator. They found that when a person controlled only a part of the body of a ...

Are People Swapping Their Cats and Goldfish for Praying Mantises?

Praying mantises have gained recent popularity as pets, sold at animal fairs and pet markets, but also collected in the wild by a fast-growing community of hobbyists and professional marketers. An ...

How the Brain Says 'Oops!'

Researchers have uncovered how signals from a group of neurons in the brain's frontal lobe simultaneously give humans the flexibility to learn new tasks -- and the focus to develop highly ...

Highway Death Toll Messages Cause More Crashes

Displaying the highway death toll on message boards is a common awareness campaign, but new research shows this tactic actually leads to more crashes. This new study evaluated the effect of ...

Are 'Person' or 'People' Gender-Neutral Concepts? New Study Finds Male Tilt in Analysis of Billions of Words

The concept of a 'person' or 'people' is, despite its definition, not gender-neutral when it comes to how we use these terms. In fact, we tend to prioritize men when referring to ...

Seen and 'Herd': Collective Motion in Crowds Is Largely Determined by Participants' Field of Vision

Researchers have developed a new model to predict human flocking behavior based on optics and other sensory ...

Anticipation and Accents: Talking Like a Southerner Even If You're Not

Linguistic convergence refers to temporary (and often subtle) shifts in speech to sound more similar to those around us. A new study shows that even our expectations about how other people might ...

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